Feinberg Addresses Panama City Oil Spill Claims Concerns

This is the first article discussing the townhall meeting that occurred Wednesday, January 19th with Ken Feinberg.  [Read Your 3 Options for BP Claims Payments]

Ken Feinberg was greeted by an ocean of people that were directly and indirectly effected by the BP oil spill disaster this past summer in a public townhall meeting this morning.  The meeting was held in the conference ballroom at Edgewater Beach Resort in Panama City Beach.  With literally hundreds in attendance the sign up sheet for questions filled up quickly.

Feinberg was here to reassure those that still have need of payment that their concerns were heard and will be addressed, although some were skeptical of how true this would actually be.  Above all else, the resounding message today was to refile your claim if you were not satisfied with the results of your initial claim.

The audience was reassured by Feinberg that all claims were being looked at closely and that they had hired four local Panama City claims representatives to be available to meet and discuss the three options for payment, claims criteria and the process by which claims are approved or denied.

He underscored that denial of payment for a claim does not eliminate the possibility of refiling, emphasizing that they need proper documentation on loss or damages related to the oil spill.  Feinberg emphasized that if you did receive payment, but weren’t satisfied with the amount, to refile for the amount you want and they would re evaluate the calculations.

This article is the first in a three part series that breaks down what happened at yesterday’s townhall meeting.  In the second article, we’ll discuss the three options you have if you want to receive payment for any damages you received from the BP oil spill.

7 thoughts on “Feinberg Addresses Panama City Oil Spill Claims Concerns

  1. I understand the groups skepticism. I re-filed twice and never got an acknowledgement. Online is not the way to go. If you can get to PCB, go. At least you make them turn you down face to face. It isn’t as easy as it is by phone or email.


  2. Feinberg is a liar and a thief. He gets $850,000 a month to “administer” the BP oil claims for real estate. Why would he settle in a timely fashion? It’s to his advantage to drag it out. I don’t believe a word he says. Hotel clerks and wait people are on their second BP check and real estate people are on zero. I lost sigificantly and was denied.
    I hope Feinberg spends it all on medicine.


  3. I live in Gulf Shores, but its the same BP-BS going on here. I supplied tax forms and every pay check I made for 2010 clearly showing making half to one third of what I made the previous two years all within a 50mile radius of here. They denied my claim. I filed my interim claim in December 6 weeks later, still no word.

    Jim. The people at the claims office can’t tell you anything, they know nothing. Its a group in OHIO pulling the strings! Only thing they can do is take your info, pat you on the back, and say thanks for stopping by. Maybe its different in PC??


  4. Chris, I don’t know if it is different or not, but do know a couple of people that were successful there. Two out of thousands.


  5. You do realize that the claims process is all on the government now and aside from being a solid company with sound financials to cover the cost (unlike ethereal estate industry aka TARP) BP has little to do with the process. Thank you Mr Obama


  6. Bubba, yes I do remember Mr. O appointing this monkey. I had better responses with our claims when BP was handling it. I guess someone must have thought BP would walk away from it. Now it appears this group may walk away ‘with’ it.


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