Happy Tails Dog Grooming & Boarding

There’s something to be said for simply walking out the office door, and turning left.

Following this simple equation led me to the incredibly fascinating local business Happy Tails:  Fine European Grooming

Happy Tails is a vibrant shop that appears to be in constant motion.  The little dogs bounce in for their usual spa treatments, bigger dogs sauntering in for their secretly coveted Herbal Bath treatment and in the middle of all this motility are the owners and staff.

All of them, happily chatting away, while furiously scrubbing, snipping and combing their furry charges.  It’s a jaw-dropping, fur-dodging  sight to see. It reminded me of something Tom Robbins once said, “beauty is in the movement, in the very confidence of  knowing your job” and I have to apply this adage to the very people who make, Happy Tails, well- Happy.

During the brief time I was in the shop, both owners remained hard at work, yet were kind enough to help share some of their background. Which was great for me, since beyond the atmosphere, the first unique situation that stands out is the lovely accent of owner, Radka Jiorle and suddenly I needed to know there tale. (punny, I know)

Originally from the Czech Republic, Radka moved to Florida about 12 years ago. If you take into consideration that Czechia is a landlocked country in Central Europe, it’s no wonder why Florida’s sunny beaches caught Mrs. Jiorle’s fancy.

However, growing up in Europe, Radka spent her entire life around dogs. As she grew up, she began training German Shepherds for the Army.  Radka, who clearly loves the little 4-legged rugs,  would eventually move out of the Army Training aspect, and into full time grooming, which was a wonderful turn of events for dog-lovers here in Bay County.

Happy Tails has been up and running for over 4 years in it’s current location.  They offer three packages, ranging from Bath Only to Mini Trim then onwards to the ultra-deluxe Full Groom Service.  In addition to the three packages, there’s a slew of Special Services you can choose to add on, anything from Brushing Teeth (if possible) to the Herbal Bath, all of which offer a more Spa-like vibe, then standard grooming house.

Call for more information or appointments 850-235-2122.

Happy Tails Fine European Grooming is at 19987 PCB Parkway (West End) Panama City Beach, FL 32413.

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