Polka Dots Releases Inner Kid, Smile

Walking into Polka Dots in Pier Park, is like suddenly finding yourself teleported back to the days of when the Andy Griffith show and soda-pop shops were quickly becoming the rage.

Something about this store connects with the little kid in me,  discretely loosening  the feeble reigns connected to my Adult Decorum.  As soon as that little kid tastes the sweet, sweet freedom, races through the store giggling at the fake dog poop and merrily banging away on the Rock’em Sock’em Robot Game, he’s filled with a grin reminiscent of a whole slice of watermelon in his mouth.

Granted, Polka Dots carries more then just nostalgic games and toys, but for some reason, every time I walk in the store, that’s the vibe that scoops down and engulfs me. Even just a quick glance at their website found me suddenly working on a fool-proof argument in hopes of  persuading my husband to let me hook one end of a Chinese jump-rope to him, and the other to a chair – so I can FINALLY beat the 3rd challenge.

It should be said that I gave up that hope, in fact, had given up ALL thoughts of a Chinese jump-rope until seeing one on the Polka Dots site. So, there you go.  My point was eventually made.

I think.

Polka Dots has a wide assortment of gifts, toys and even old soda pop flavors.  Gag gifts range from a fake ice-cube with an equally fake fly in the middle, to whoopie cushions and toy dog poop. Owner Gary Pruitt laughingly admitted that the fake dog poop was one of the stores more consistent sellers. Which means there’s a lot of people in town, with a really gross sense of humor, and I applaud you all.

Next time you find yourself in Pier Park, swing by the store and wander through the aisles.  The little kid in you, or with you- will thank you for it.

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