PCB’s Guide To Superbowl Shin-Digs

Superbowl Sunday is almost here, and football fans nationwide are stocking up on face-paint, home-made signs and honing their Heckle-Skills (aka:  The  Art of Fine Heckling.)

It’s a real skill, I swear. I think it’s an elective course at FSU. Either way, there’s literally, thousands of ways to get your pre-game on, but where to spend the big day is an entirely different beast.

So, we took it upon ourselves to give you an idea of which locations are hosting Superbowl parties.

Sunday Sunday SUNDAY

CALYPSO BEACH CAFE 15812 Front Beach Rd.

I can’t find any mention of a Superbowl event here, but I’m going on blind faith, that there might be something going on. After all, Calypso is supposed to be one of the largest sports bars in town.


This is a no-brainer.  Wild Wings always offers a lively sports atmosphere, traditionally great wings and awesome beverage selection. Simple and Direct.

I like it.

DOUBLE D’S COOLER 1508 Calhoun Ave., 215-8112.

Catch all the games here with NFL Sunday Ticket! Happy Hour: All day Sun, $2 domestic longnecks,16 oz. draft, & $1.75 Well Drinks

HAMMERHEAD FRED’S 8752 Thomas Drive 233-3907.

A quaint little bar & grill located on the west end of Thomas Drive. Inside & deck seating available. Sunday: Super Bowl Party. Get here early to get the best seats. Lots of giveaways. Draft & Drink Specials.

NEWBY’S TOO 4103 Thomas Drive (on the curve), 234-6203

Sunday: Super Bowl Party.  Sports Bar, Pool, Foosball, and Darts.

PATCHES PUB 4723 Thomas Drive, 233-8879.

Sunday: Superbowl Party with buckets & wings specials. Well that pretty much summed up Superbowl, didn’t it? Game, Beer & Wings. Done.

SHARKY’S RESTAURANT & BEACH CLUB 15201 Front Beach Road, 235-2420

One of the last places on Panama City Beach where you can dine right on the beach, watch the sunset at the Tiki Bar and enjoy a cocktail. (Side note: The Tiki Bar is currently under construction)

Sunday: Super Bowl Party

HOOTERS 12709 Front Beach Road.

Yes, Hooters made the list. How could it not? It’s a sports bar, with world-famous (ahem) wings.  It’s man-cave heaven for those looking to shake off the doldrums of the work week, and escape the humdrum of home-life.  42″ TV giveaway. Join us all day for the SuperBowl promotions we are giving away a 42″ Sharp HD TV during the game. You must be present to win.

OASEAS RESORTS 4th floor Banquet Room (Cheese-Block Party)

Hosting the biggest football party of the year at Shores of Panama! Free wings (my favorite kind of wing!) full bar, free chips & salsa, prizes and more! Superbowl broadcast on an 8 ft screen.

COYOTE UGLY SALOON 10512 Front Beach Road.

On Sunday, Coyote’s is bringing the tailgating home for you. Starts with a Cook out around 4pm, game will be on TV’s hooked up to PA System (for that “at the game” sound) Its also the Assistant Managers last day, so there will be an after party.

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