We’re Hiring a Social Media Expert

NOTE: You no longer have to have a college degree to be considered a qualified applicant.

If you’ve been looking for a job at an awesome company, this is your shot at getting in the door.  We’ve been growing leaps and bounds and are in need of a FULL TIME Social Media Expert.

CYber SYtes is the premier web design and social media consulting firm in Northwest Florida.  We have website and social media clients that range from real estate, vacation rentals, dining, amusement and more.

We are looking for a fun and dynamic team player to join the existing Social Media staff managing a variety of clients and coming up with creative new marketing ideas.  We are not looking for a noob but rather a seasoned professional that understands the intricacies of social marketing.

If you’re wondering why this is being posted here, it’s because PCBDaily is owned by CYber SYtes.  :D

If you’re interested in this position, some of your responsibilities will be:

  • A strong working knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and LinkedIn
  • Designing, implement and manage social media marketing campaigns
  • Implementing messaging that drives user engagement
  • Conceptualize, design and implement social media based contests
  • Train and consult with clients how to use social media for their business
  • Document all client communication
  • Compile and analyze performance reports and offer suggestions to clients based on performance
  • Monitor trends and updates in social media related industry and services

And the requirements:

  • Experience in Internet marketing
  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Ability to think on your feet and make fast, real time changes to campaigns on the fly when needed
  • You must be detail oriented with the ability to handle deadlines
  • You must be able to work independently without a taskmaster dictating your every move

If this position is for you, please provide a resume with a link to your portfolio with samples of your work to resume@cysy.com or call 850-233-5514 (x207) to set up an interview.

5 thoughts on “We’re Hiring a Social Media Expert

  1. I see you require a BA/BS degree. Then I guess Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerman and a whole bunch of really talented computer folks could not get this job.


  2. lol. Well, if someone with the caliber of Mark Zuckerberg (you spelled his name wrong) wants a job with us, and he/she doesn’t have a degree or some fantastic company to create, they’ll probably apply anyway. And if they’re impressive enough on paper to land an interview, we’ll probably hire them, provided we could afford them.

    Bill Gates has an honorary degree from Harvard that he received in 2007. If a qualified applicant has an honorary degree, we’ll accept that.

    And lastly, we’re not wanting a programmer, we’re looking for a marketer. Thanks for the comment Lois!


  3. You just found him!

    I created my resume in ms paint though, do you accept .bmp file formats at 72dpi? I can bring it by the office on a floppy diskette if you like…


  4. Well I strike out yet again…… I do not have the BS/BA degree but, all the other listed requirements I’m sure I could handle. Really, I’ve never seen anything much I couldn’t handle!
    Facebook…..Check (I’ve seen many adds here lately)
    Written & Verbal skills…. check
    Work as a Team Player…. check
    Think on my feet, walking or fastly flying…. check
    Detailed…. to the MAX…… check
    Able to work alone Independently……… check
    You know I love people & life, never met a person I couldn’t get along with or a subject I couldn’t strike up a conversation about.
    Jason, If I only lived in PCB….. I’d give you a run for your
    money sweetheart! Without that BS/BA thingy! hahahaaaaaa And, that’s a promise!
    Have a good day,


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