Sell Your House, Live on the Water – Literally

Here’s something cool:  ditch your condo on the beach and buy a condo on a giant riverboat.  Imagine living on the water all the time, whenever you look out your window or lounge on your balcony, you have waterviews in perfect weather, you’re always traveling, around the country.  Enter River Cities’ The Marquette.

This week and next, a “model condo” will be at St. Andrew’s Marina showing you what life on the water in The Marquette will be all about.  Looking at the plans, the whole thing looks like a fantastic dream.

The entire structure is actually two separate vessels joined in the middle that combined create a 108 foot wide 600 feet long, six-story condominium.  There are 180 units total ranging in size from 528 square foot studio apartments to 1,500 square foot two bedroom condos.

The floating resort features a full service restaurant, theatre, activity rooms, library, hot tub and pool, fitness center, walking tracks, chipping course, fishing, recreation areas for bocci ball and lawn bowling, grocery, rental watercraft launched from boat.

Anyway, I thought this was pretty cool.

But, there was something that I didn’t think was cool – the price.  Pricing for the lower end condos start at $299k with HOA fees just over $1,000 monthly.  The condos that are 924 square feet are just under $500k.  Just seems steep for something that could get trashed if it was stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time.

For more information, visit their website.

4 thoughts on “Sell Your House, Live on the Water – Literally

  1. I watched a segment on the news about this and at that time a few units had already been sold….. I am wondering just how many now?
    It looks real good but, anything can be made to look exciting if presented in the right way. The steep price & the HOA fees are really a setback and honestly, I really believe a couple would get tired of life on the river.
    I would love to see the model when its there…… Jason you will have to go & tell us what your impression is, I will be interested in hearing.
    Nice article & many may find this way of life appealing.


  2. They will be limited to the mississippi river at that width, won’t be able to lock thru on other waterways unless they divide the two everytime they go thru a lock. Sounds like they need to do more research or consider a smaller barge. Yeah, they are very expensive.


    1. If you go to their website here are the waterways (they say) it will cruise on: Major rivers that River Cities will cruise: Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, Cumberland, Arkansas and Atchafalaya. Plus the Tombigbee Waterway.and the Intracoastal Waterway from Brownsville, Texas east to Carrabelle, Florida.
      Although like you….. I am having a hard time seeing this HUGEeeeee Condo Riverboat coming up The Cumberland River….. that is if they get all the units or enough of them sold to even build this monstrosity!


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