Jazz Fest was UP 25% this year!

The Seabreeze Jazz Festival this year was a huge success.  The fun thing about this event is that it’s a ticketed event and with that we know exactly how many people attended.  This year there was approximately a 25% increase in attendance over last year.  There were 7200 people in Aaron Bessant Park on Saturday and 6900 on Sunday.  The Border’s Friday Free Sneek Peak netted around 250 attendees and resulted in patrons doing the electric slide in between the book shelves to tunes from Brian Culberson.

There’s no question this event is a huge asset to our area.

If you had a great visit and fun weekend, you’ll probably be interested to know that tickets for next years festival go on sale on Sunday May 1, 2011 – that’s right, this Sunday!  I’ve been told the VIP tickets are the first to go, so if you want ’em, you better get them soon.

Here are some more pictures – enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Jazz Fest was UP 25% this year!

  1. We have been attending the Jazz Fest for 8 years or so, it really has grown, and Pier Park is a perfect home for it. The lineup, the weather, and the crowd were all great this year. Sadly, it appears that bigger attendance brings bigger ticket prices…VIP tickets for 2012 are up $575, up from $400! It does include 4 days admission instead of 2011’s 3 days, so maybe still a decent value.


    1. The $575 VIP ticket for 2012 does include a 4th day of entertainment and full catering. Many forget the VIP ticket includes FREE parking right at the front gates. New Orleans Jazz Fest charges $240 extra for VIP parking on top of the $1020 ticket price for a Four Day VIP. When you consider some of the acts cost in the $150,000 range, this is still a great value.


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