Grand Lagoon Bridge Opens TODAY!!

Ok, so it’s actually not quite as dramatic as the headline, but the new Grand Lagoon Bridge roadway is set to transfer traffic to the new bridge today.  Construction is set to be complete by mid summer, and they are goaled at having the temporary bridge out of the way by then.

They started construction on the bridge back in October of 2009 and have largely stayed on schedule for the duration of the project.

The new bridge is 18 feet at it’s center, up from 10 feet on the previous bridge.  This huge for local Grand Lagoon residents since it not only opens up the lagoon for better circulation, it also allows larger boats to pass under it.

The bridge was funded by grants and the 2009 Economic Stimulus Fund.

5 thoughts on “Grand Lagoon Bridge Opens TODAY!!

  1. Fantastic!!!! We will be there to drive across it in June with our Grand Boys and all of us can’t wait either………… Thanks for the great photos Jason, I’m sure this re-opening has helped and made people very happy!
    Have a blessed day!


  2. Does anyone have information on the rebuilding of the Treasure Ship? We were down in May and saddened that it looked like all construction had stopped. It would be a shame for Panama City Beach to lose such a great old tourist location that has been part of so many of our lives!


      1. Thanks, I missed that article. It makes me so sad. That was one of my family’s Must Go To places every vacation. 😦


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