Local Businesses Boost Appeal with Webcams

LIVE – From Panama City Beach!

Thousands of families make their way each year, to the 27 miles of white-sand beaches of Panama City Beach, Florida. It should come as no surprise, then, that when those families’ return home, a little part of Panama City Beach is always in the back of their mind.

Now, thanks to a variety of enterprising Panama City Beach businesses, vacationers can satisfy their craving for a daily-dose of the “world’s most beautiful beaches”. Hotels, bars, restaurants, and even nightclubs are now broadcasting live, 24/7 video streams showcasing the natural beauty of Panama City Beach.

One example is the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort; a family-friendly hotel located directly on the beach. “We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from guests staying with us now, as well as those with reservations for later in the year”, said Patrick Hazard, general manager of the resort. “It’s another great opportunity to entertain our guests even when they aren’t here staying with us”.

If the old adage is true, and a picture really is worth a thousand words, the value of live video cannot be underestimated. With the summer season almost underway, and many local business owners hoping for a successful year – initiatives like these can only help drive tourism to the area.

Area webcams

Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort

Historic Grand Lagoon Cam

Spinnaker Nightclub

Pineapple Willy’s

Holiday Inn

One thought on “Local Businesses Boost Appeal with Webcams

  1. I have always watched the webcam at The Summit…… interesting and lets me see the beautiful beach and ocean while I am at home here in Tennessee.
    Some of the best memories? I have actually seen storms roll in (until the cam shuts down) and got to witness how high the water gets, not to mention the BIG waves! That is an awesome sight! Best part…….. seeing how happy people are, children playing in the sand and the face look of “Not A Care In The World” that is priceless.
    My thanks for all the places which offer cams for us to view.
    I am counting…… 7 more days until I am on that beloved beach that I adore… PCB here I come! 🙂


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