The Beach Show hits 100 EPISODES!!

The Beach Show has a long history with  I founded it more than two years ago with Karen Smith of Beachy Beach.  If you ask her, she’ll tell you The Beach Show has played a huge role in the growth of her business.

The Beach Show’s origin.

The whole idea behind The Beach Show was to bring you the best real estate deals to be had in Panama City Beach, each week.  Over the last two years, we’ve only missed a small handful of weeks and have increased the real estate exposure of the Panama City Beach area dramatically.  Tons of people have copied the idea and some have stood the test of time, but none have created the same amount of Buzz.

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Karen’s career as she’s done The Beach Show

When her and I first started doing The Beach Show back in April 2009, she was an agent at Beachy Beach Real Estate.  At the time, it was owned by it’s original founder, a good friend of mine, Gabriel Stephani.  As she grew the brand of Beachy Beach with her natural pizzazz, she realized how much a part of her it really was.  She ultimately ended up purchasing it from Stephani in 2010 and began a quick and strategic growth.  Stephani went on to found Pineapple Properties and Karen now has several agents working for her and is having the best summer of her career.

The 100’th Episode of The Beach Show

3 thoughts on “The Beach Show hits 100 EPISODES!!

  1. I was trying to figure out last night just how long I’ve been watching The Beach Show. If you started it in April of 2009 I guess that is pretty close!
    I would sum it up as a great brainstorm you had there Jason……… I really love watching it as I know many of the others do too. It not only lets prospective customers who are interested in purchases for vacation homes, condos see what’s being offered but, it allows people who may think about relocating to PCB see how beautiful this area is. Key word is “SEE” people love to actually see things, and the way Karen & Lisa show details of each placement is just delightful. They not only compliment what they are showing but they compliment each other and YOU their host!
    Keep up the wonderful work & Congratulations again!


  2. I am so happy for Karen and the Beachy Beach Team! I am very lucky to know Karen and call her a friend! She might think she only sells real estate but she does so much more than that. She makes you realize that life is a gift and to see the brighter bigger picture! She is proof that there is still good people and love in this world! I love you Karen and wish you many more successful years! You deserve it!
    Brandi Bickford


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