International Real Estate Summit Coming to Panama City Beach

Organizers Lewis (Bud) and Hope Abbott have been hard at work putting together a large real estate summit in Panama City Beach that will draw attendees from all over the world.


From the website

“The vision of the “World Summit” is not to recreate your typical atmosphere of the International Real Estate trade shows, but to promote true unity and collaboration in and around the globe to create business.  The message will be clear, that there is a new and better way of doing business on a global scale.  You will be taught international business strategies by industry specialists that are working smarter and are proven leaders in their respected countries around the world.”

Date of the event and schedule

The event is from October 20 – 22, 2011 and will be held at the Boardwalk Beach Resort’s Conference facilities.

Pre-registration is on the afternoon of the 19th with the summit beginning at 9 am the following morning. Sessions will go through 5 pm.

For a full list of the schedule, visit their website.


The International Real Estate World Summit is drawing speakers from Germany, Canada, Dubai, England, Asia, and of course, the USA.

Some of the topics that will be presented on are:

  • International Real Estate Trends
  • Mexico, the Growing Retirement Market
  • Immigration-Based Investment
  • How to Breakthrough with the Asia Investors
  • Marketing to Canada

For more information on the summit, visit their website.


5 thoughts on “International Real Estate Summit Coming to Panama City Beach

  1. I think Thunder Beach on Columbus Day weekend can work as long as the bikers know that PCB relies heavily on the family business that weekend also, and anything that jeopardizes that business could end it for Thunder Beach in the fall. Most of the bikers are fine, upstanding citizens, with regular jobs and many are retired. There are always a bunch of rowdy folks, but you have that with the summer group that’s here now and during spring break. The additional business for the Wine and Seafood Festival can be a huge boost. I say, try it this year, then if it develops into a fiasco, don’t allow it next year. Seems like so many who are saying nay are assuming the worst. You know, often times, people will live up to the expectations of others, not down.


  2. I think we need to be concerned about the real estate market but I do believe only Americans should be able to own real property in the US. After all if you own property you do have rights in others words your giving governmental rights way to people that are not citizens. Americans need to be investing in America. We should be self sufficient like we have been in the past. I don’t think we should be global. America needs to take care of our country. There are other countries that won’t hire people from
    other countries unless their all their own people have jobs first as it should be. We should be out of nafta. That is what has hurt our country, our ecomony, and other countries. I really believe all people from around the world as been hurt by nafta. So, I am not for this International Real Estate Summit. The summit should be about getting Americans to invest in America.


    1. Lady Slipper, just want to let you know I have worked with many Immigration Attorneys and firms and this is not accurate information. Owning property in the US does not give you rights as a citizen. I agree that America needs to take care of America but this event looks like it has been planned to promote Panama City Beach for Tourist and Investors. There are many American citizens that invest in International properties because they find it a smart way to keep there eggs from just one basket.


      1. LadySlipper,

        For what it’s worth foreigner’s owning US real estate isn’t easy to do. I live in Canada and I tried getting a HOLOC on my Boardwalk condo and was told by several banks I could, only to find out that in fact wasn’t the case. The reason? Because I wasn’t American.

        Since I prepare tax returns for a living, I also know may people outside of Canada, including American’s who own property here, and they don’t have anywhere near the problem getting funds that non American’s have in the US. If you ask me the more people interested in property the better, especially given the current situation. It seems to me if non American’s can buy property easier it’s ongoing to assist in recovery the US real estate market a lot faster than would otherwise be the case. I know in Vancouver, where I live, the Chinese have bought all kinds of property and you can’t even find houses in decent areas for under $1M. Great if you own a house, not so great if you’re young trying to get into the market.


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