Breakfast Point Subdivision Now Selling Homes

The name was picked years ago.  The plan for the school came shortly after – now they’re on their 4th school year. One can only assume the development of the subdivision was only waiting for a turn around in the real estate market.  Well, now apparently it’s turned enough for St. Joe to move forward with the first phase of development.

Now selling homes

If you drive through the intersection of Back Beach and R Jackson Blvd, you’ve probably seen the signs at the corner of the quadrant Publix is on.  “Now Selling” is in big letters with ‘Homes from the low 200’s” just below it.  They’ve got a model home under construction and it looks like all the infrastructure (roads, water, sewer) is in place.

Details about the development

From the plat map, it looks like they are planning on having 45 homes in this first phase.  They plan on having some park areas, walking trails and access to conservation area and ponds.

The subdivision is located essentially at the end of R Jackson Blvd.  If you go north on R Jackson, like you’re going to Breakfast Point Academy, you’ll go straight at the stop sign.  You’ll see what I presume to be the first model home being constructed right on that corner lot – labeled 1 on the plat map.

Note: I’m using the term ‘phase’ under the assumption that there will be more to the Breakfast Point development than what is slated for this particular set of homes we’re discussing in this post.  In a post we published in 2007, we had info that slated the Breakfast Point development as completed would have 3100 residential units.

This is a St. Joe owned development but it looks like they’ve either contracted with home builders to build the homes, or they’ve sold the lots to them to build and resell homes under the Breakfast Point brand.  The two builders that are building in this phase are David Weekly Homes and Huff Homes.

Pricing and home sizes

Pricing is always an interesting discussion.  For the developer/home builder, it’s a critical topic.  If they price too high, they won’t sell.  And if they price too low, they may not attract the right audience.  From what I can tell from the website, home prices will start in the $230’s and be sized ranging from 1600 to 2800 square feet.

One thought on “Breakfast Point Subdivision Now Selling Homes

  1. The home you show in this article is David Weekley Homes model home. It is on lot 2. Also there are 46 lots in the first phase of Breakfast Point divided evenly between David Weekley Homes and Huff.


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