Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert in Concert This Weekend [SCHEDULE]

The country music festival everyone’s been talking about begins this Friday, September 23.  Featuring artists Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert, this event is expected to draw a large crowd to Frank Brown Park.  Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert are two of country’s biggest up and coming stars right now.

About the event

The event begins Friday September 23 and will end on Saturday September 24.  Gates will open at 6:30 pm on both days with the show to start at 7:30 pm.  The Panama City Beach Country Music Festival will be at Frank Brown Park.

Friday Night

Main Act: Miranda Lambert

Opening Acts: Justin Moore & Randy Rogers Band

Saturday Night

Main Act: Jason Aldean

Opening Acts: Corey Smith & The Dirt Drifters

How to get tickets

The interesting thing about this festival and the Christian Music Festival we had a few weeks back is that they were devised to bring people to the beach.  The tickets for both festivals were originally only made available through lodging partners – that is condos, hotels and resorts.  In order to get a ticket, you had to book a place with one of the lodging partners.

All in all (and we’ll have a report on it in the coming weeks), it seems to have worked pretty well.  Many properties and resorts are reporting a heavily occupied weekend.

While the tickets are now available at Ticketmaster, many lodging partners are offering free tickets to their guests as an incentive to stay with them.

What are your thoughts on this festival?  Will you be going?

8 thoughts on “Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert in Concert This Weekend [SCHEDULE]

  1. I guess as long as the concert is sold out, the lodging partner thing will work. It is going to leave some people out though. Those that didn’t want to stay overnight or that lived locally, didn’t have access.
    I like the tickets being available otherwise. I do agree with bringing people to the beaches, but the partnering thing might be considered discriminatory toward others that rent properties. Anyone can offer free tickets.


  2. I think it’s a bummer locals got snubbed on the concert. Not often do we get big name acts in, and when we do, it is a disadvantage to live here.


  3. Angie, you did get snubbed for the Christian concert. I was in town last year when it was a free concert held on the beach next to the pier. I was really good. And they had a great fireworks show at the end.


  4. I’ll be there! It’s a pretty pricey deal for my family of four, but I just cycled through Frank Brown park while on my way to enjoying the wonderful new paved trail system behind it (kudos by the way to the PCB planners for providing the whole new conservation park!) and saw they were starting to erect the stage. It brought back good memories of last years wine and seafood festival, so we’ll all be going. Too expensive an option for both nights unfortunately, so just Friday night for us this time around.
    Now, if only they could move all the other events from Aaron Bessant Park here too, what a sensible plan that would be… ooh, almost forgot that that particular battle is already long lost. 🙂


  5. Congratulations and thank you, PCB Daily, for offering PCB such an informative and upbeat newsletter. Being a country music lover, I think it’s great we have the opportunity to enjoy two of the top entertainment artists in country music right here near our beautiful beaches.

    I will say I was quite upset the tickets were not available to the locals at the same time they were available to “out of towners”. I like the idea of bringing in business to fill our accommodations, however, I don’t believe the locals should be “left out” by not having the same access to the tickets as the out of town folks. It seems unfair that we live and work here in PCB and we could not buy tickets early on because they had been reserved for those who live out of town. Approximately 60 days before the concert, when the tickets were only available if you purchased accommodations, I checked several hotels, motels, and condominiums for pricing. The least expensive accommodations I could find which included 2 nights lodging and 2 tickets for Jason Aldean’s concert was $300.00. Most of the accommodations including 2 tickets were over $400.00/$500.00. There were NO tickets available to the locals at that time unless accommodations were booked along with the tickets, which meant we would have paid at the very least $300.00 to attend the concert. Approximately 27 days before the concert performances, the tickets became available through Ticketmaster. I went online to order my ticket AS SOON AS THEY WERE AVAILABLE FOR SALE, and the VIP tickets were no longer available. I’m assuming if there had been enough “out of town people” who had ordered accommodations and tickets, then we who live here in Panama City Beach would not have been able to attend the concert at all. I think that’s really sad. It doesn’t seem right that we are fortunate enough to have top country artists come to our beaches where we live and work and the folks from out of town get first choice of tickets.


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