Concert Preview- Country Fest

Country music artists Miranda Lambert and Jason Aldean will be coming to Panama City Beach’s Frank Brown Park across from Pier Park this coming weekend.  Miranda Lambert was first introduced to the public through Nashville Star, while Jason Aldean was introduced through his self-titled album.  These concerts are a part of “The Fun Never Sets Fall Concert Series on Panama City Beach” concert series.

Friday night

Friday night’s line up will include Justin Moore and The Randy Rogers Band opening up for Miranda Lambert.  The gates will open at 6:30 pm (or earlier, crossing fingers) and the show is set to begin at 7:30.  They are actually erecting the stage, lighting and sound right now.

Friday night schedule

  • 7:30 PM The Randy Rogers Band
  • 8:10 PM Justin Moore
  • 9:15 PM Miranda Lambert

The Randy Rogers Band is known for:

  • “Tonight’s Not the Night”
  • “Kiss Me in the Dark”
  • “Too Late for Goodbye”
  • “Steal You Away.”
  • Visit the Randy Rogers Band’s website.

Justin Moore is best known for:

  • “Back that thing up”
  • “Backwoods”
  • “Redneck Side”
  • “Small Town USA.”
  • Visit Justin Moore’s website.

Some of Miranda Lambert’s best known songs are:

  • “Kerosene”
  • “The House that Built Me”
  • “White Liar”
  • “Dead Flowers”
  • “Only Prettier”
  • Visit Miranda Lambert’s website.

In addition to these, Lambert has had many more hits and popular songs.

Saturday night

Gates will open at 6:30PM, for The Dirt Drifter’s, Corey Smith, and headline Jason Aldean, with the concert scheduled to start at 7:25pm.

Saturday night schedule :

7:25PM The Dirt Drifters

8:00PM Corey Smith

9:15PM Jason Aldean

Corey Smith is best known for:

  • “If I Could Do it Again”
  • “Twenty-One”
  • “Maybe Next Year”
  • Visit Corey Smith’s website.

The Dirt Drifter’s are known for:

  • “Something Better”
  • “Always a Reason”
  • Visit The Dirt Drifter’s website.

A Few of Jason Aldean’s Singles are:

  • “She’s Country”
  • “Big Green Tractor”
  • “My Kinda Party”
  • “Dirt Road Anthem”
  • “Hicktown”
  • Visit Jason Aldean’s website.

If you’re a fan of music, especially country music, there is no doubt that you’ll enjoy the Country Music Fest this weekend.  If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, visit Ticketmaster or book with local lodging partners!  See you out there!  And don’t forget your lawn chair or blanket!


6 thoughts on “Concert Preview- Country Fest

    1. Well Ryan, it is NOT government money, it is from the BP settlement. It is “spend it or lose it”.
      The thought is, having a large permanent stage will help draw acts to our area which in turn will bring in more visitors especially during the slower part of the season.


    1. How do you figure that James? Tourism was way down because of the oil spill which in turn effects the bed tax that goes to the TDC. For example our rental income this year is up 38% over last.
      Why would they not charge for tickets? Even the so called free ones to the tourists are not free, the condos, motels, management companies etc that are giving them to guests are being charged, I believe, $25.00 a ticket.


      1. Tourism in 2010 was down due to “News” about the BP Oil Spill not due to the beaches of Panama City being ruined.
        (I do not believe this is still having to be discussed)
        GreggT, you are correct however it does affect the “Bed Tax” greatly anytime there is a drop in renters.
        The building of the new permanent stage will be a great asset to PCB….. not only will it draw more performing groups it will lessen the load of set-up & tear-down. There are many many possibilities for use of this new stage….. not only for music but, the possibility of plays and children’s shows. Why not install a screen to show park-side movies?
        James, Now you know “really” that no musicians and or bands will perform to a crowd for free. lol lol
        I look forward to seeing the new stage being built & bringing in funds for PCB tourism.
        Thank you,


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