Blue Marlin Evades Anglers at Sportfishing Classic

The anglers tried, but the Blue Marlin evaded being caught at this year’s 2nd Annual Panama City Beach Sportfishing Classic.

Nonetheless, last weekend’s Sportfishing Classic was a huge success with 34 boats registered and over 2500 lbs of fish caught.  Varieties included Swordfish, Tuna, Wahoo and Dolphin.

The largest Swordfish that was brought in was a monster 225 lbs.

Once the fish were brought in and admitted to the tournament, they became property of the tourney.  And the tourney decided they wanted to cook their new-found property and serve it to the attendees.  Chef Konrad Jochum from Boatyard was grilling up the fresh catches.

Full results


  1. Reel Comfort – Martin Flowers – 225 lbs – won $15,500
  2. Linda Gale – Mark Revell – 120 lbs – won $9,500


  1. Committed – John Lee – 87.6 lbs – won $12,500
  2. Salt Crusher – Jason Hines – 85.8 lbs – won $7,500
  3. Salt Crusher – Josh Conyers – 84.8 lbs – won $5,000


  1. Reef Dog – Jake Quave – 89.2 lbs – won $12,500
  2. Iona Louise – Woody Woods – 61.8 lbs – won $7,500
  3. Perseverance – Justin Friez – 47.6 lbs – won $5,000


  1. Cazador – Joey Sostheim – 23.6 lbs – won $12,500
  2. Reel Sorry – Pat Hymel – 18.6 lbs – won $7,500
  3. Sea Ya Later – Brian Beighey – 18 lbs – won $5,000

3 thoughts on “Blue Marlin Evades Anglers at Sportfishing Classic

  1. We had to leave PCB on Sat. morning, end of vacation for us… so, I missed all this great fishin’ action.
    Thanks so much for the fantastic photos…. looks like this was a great way to end a wonderful week!
    Congratulations to all of the winners, way to go!


    1. Kevin, that brought a smile to my face. Firstly, cause of your imeonvpmert. And second, because of the grin on your face while you where slammin those poses.Im thinking of you as a talented mechanic that is working on his car. You used to have a title winning Formula 1 race car.Now, what you have is a Ferrari that that has been sitting in the garage for a while. It’s still a higher quality machine than 97% of other cars on the road. BUT, with some attention and adjustments through hard work, it will transform into that Formula 1 car again that no one can compete with.


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