Treasure Ship to be Demolished

The iconic Treasure Ship which burned in April of 2010 was supposed to be torn down, but over a year later it still stands- reminding tourists that they can no longer visit the Treasure Ship Restaurant.  The restaurant was a staple for visitors to Panama City Beach, and it’s burning broke many hearts.

A permit for demolition was signed June 2nd by the owner of the property, but the permit has now expired.  This has caused the city to threaten demolishing the structure as early as next week.  The city is hoping that the owner will renew her permit and demolish the remaining structure, because it is faster, easier, and less expensive than the city having to do it.

Many people would love to see the building fixed and running as it used to, however; it has been made clear that this won’t happen.  The city would like to see it torn down before next years hurricane season hits, as it is an unsafe structure and could be made dangerous in the high winds.

Here is a link to the article written about the fire in 2010 and a link to the article about the decision not to rebuild.

Do you have any thoughts about the iconic building being demolished?

5 thoughts on “Treasure Ship to be Demolished

  1. Calk up the seams. Replace a few planks. She’ll sail again
    I’ll be weird when it’s gone. See that thing every day


  2. It needs to be removed and something moved in that will bring business to the FISHERMEN there as it did. Yes, it’s an eyesore. I live just 2 minutes away from it. It was what it was and it’s time for it to be removed. Should have been already.


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