No-Shave November Has Officially Begun

Whether you’re growing a beard or a mustache, November is the month to support men’s health.  Growing in popularity this month-long event raises funds and awareness for men’s health.


Movember takes over “the month formerly known as November” encouraging men to sign up online, clean shaven.  Throughout the month they shape and trim their mustaches into various styles.  Funds raised throughout Movember address men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that typically affect men.  Men who participate, Mo Bros, become walking billboards for men’s health and cancers.  Mo Bros also fundraise throughout the month, many reflecting on a family member’s battle with prostate cancer.

The Movember movement began in Australia and has spread across the world, raising over $174 million.  There have been over 1.1 million Mo Bros and Mo Sisters registered throughout the history of the event.  The amount raised in 2010 was double that of the fundraising dollars in 2009, reaching over $80 million.  $7.5 million of that total was raised in the United States from over 64,500 people.

Where exactly does the money go?  13 percent of the money raised is used for administrative costs, while 4 percent is retained by Movember to cover future advertisements and to retain the long-term goals.  83% of the money collected is donated!  The Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG each receive 35%, and the remaining 13% of funds are donated to Movember’s awareness and education programs.

More information is available online at Movember.

Thank you for growing a mustache gentlemen! Are you going to participate?

5 thoughts on “No-Shave November Has Officially Begun

  1. A nicely trimmed moustache is one thing, but a beard looks awful on every man I have ever seen. Too much hair on a man is gross.


  2. Let that testosterone do it’s job gentlemen, grow that beard, mustache or both!
    I haven’t had a ‘stache in almost 20 years, just sideburns. I think it’s time for a mustache again.


  3. Kacyn……..
    Thank you so very much for posting this article. I used the web-site and information page for our weekly work check stuffer! We have 100+ men here & I hope to see 100 Mustaches! Hahahaaaa
    Thanks again,


  4. Many layers, High overhead, & nice salaries
    A fund raiser (Movember with 30% overhead) for fund raisers
    1. (LIVESTRONG 15% overhead) supporting The Lance Armstrong Foundation 18% overhead
    Douglas Ulman President $285,000
    Philippe G. Hills Executive Vice President, $293,200

    2. Prostate Cancer Foundation 25% overhead The CEO, is paid 824,248.00 a year.
    A Foundation who funds other research programs.


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