A Very Aware November

It’s commonly accepted that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but November?  November is home to a long list of causes vying to win the title.  Since they are all good causes, here is the list- you decide which you’ll participate in!

American Diabetes Month

Encouraging people to learn about diabetes and take the pledge to stop diabetes, the American Diabetes Association takes a spot in November.   There are two types of diabetes, those affecting youth and those found in older individuals.

Art Everyday Month

Inspired by National Novel Writing Month (below), this spin-off was for non-literary artists.  Create a piece of artwork and share it each day throughout November!  You can sign-up to participate online

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Raising awareness for the causes and symptoms of lung cancer and hoping to paint November gray.  You can learn more about lung cancer online.    (Gray is the color used to represent lung cancer)

Military Family Month

Established in 1993, November’s Military Family Month is to recognize and honor military families for their sacrifices and contributions they have made to this country.  Learn more about recognizing military families at ASYMCA


Movember encouraged men to grow mustaches in order to address men’s health issues, pancreatic cancer, and other men’s cancers.  For more information on Movember, please read our article on the no-shave holiday.

National Adoption Month

Hoping to find every child a loving family, the National Council for Adoption is hosting a month-long fundraiser.  There will be an online auction, helping you to get your holiday shopping done while raising money to support children in need of a family.

National Novel Writing Month

Encouraging you to write a 50,000 word novel in one month, the National Novel Writing Association takes on 30 days and 30 nights of writing!  At the completion of 30 days, you can upload your novel for official verification and compete to join the winner’s circle.

Native American Heritage Month

Pay tribute to the rich heritage, ancestry, and traditions of the Native Americans.  November was named Native American Heritage month in 1990 by President George W. Bush, which has been celebrated since 1994.  Learn more about the month online.

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

November has always been the month where the PANCAN organization has turned things purple.  Purple in honor of those who have fought or are fighting pancreatic cancer.  You can learn more about pancreatic cancer and PANCAN online.

Prematurity Awareness Month

The March of Dimes is on a mission to spread awareness about the birth of premature babies. In America, one in eight babies are born too soon.  November 17th marks World Prematurity Day, so don’t forget to remember this issue.

Warrior Month

Supported by the Wounded Warrior Project, one cause hoping to take over November is Warrior Month.  This was designated by the Secretary of Defense Robert Gates in 2008, with the goal to ensure that all veterans wounded by war receive the benefits they deserve and, more importantly, need.

There are probably more causes that are raising awareness and publicity in the month of November, but these are the heaviest hitters.  Good luck to all of the organizations behind the campaigns.  No matter what you’re supporting, support something.  November is definitely a month of philanthropy!


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