The Snapperbowl Tradition Continues

The 43rd Annual Snapperbowl Thanksgiving Classic continues this year with three days of youth football.  The Snapperbowl is the largest running youth football tournament in the United States, and attracts teams from all over the country.  The Classic is a double elimination tournament, continuing till only one team remains in each division.  The Classic will begin on Thanksgiving and run till the 26th at Pete Edwards Field (7300 McElvey Road).  Admission is free for children and will be $5.00 for adults.

The first Snapperbowl was held in 1967, and has since become the Harold M. Creel Memorial Snapperbowl.


PeeWee (7 and Under, 70lbs)

Bantumweight (8 and Under, 80lbs)

Lightweight (9 and Under, 90lbs)

Welterweight (10 and Under, 100lbs)

Middleweight (11 and Under, 110lbs)

Cruiserweight (12 and Under, 120lbs)

Heavyweight (13 and Under, 130lbs)


For more tournament information, please see the Snapperbowl website.

Good luck to all of those who are playing!  Have fun watching the future generations of football players!


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