Where to Retire Magazine Features PCB

While most people think of Panama City Beach as a place for family vacations, college spring breaks, or weekend motorcycle trips- Where to Retire magazine thinks of the area as a place perfect for retirees.  The truth is, Where to Retire named Panama City Beach as one of the top places for retirees to relocate to.  The magazine will be featuring Panama City Beach in their January/February issue. Retirees bring a wealth of economic support to areas, which is why many states and cities hope to attract retirees who which to relocate each year.

Many of PCB’s retiree population comes from the thousands of winter residents who enjoy the area and decide to relocate permanently to our beaches.  “I have the pleasure of seeing first-hand how much our seasonal winter residents enjoy reconnecting with friends and experiencing all the terrific things there are to do in Panama City Beach. It’s no surprise that many choose the REAL.FUN.BEACH. lifestyle year round,” says Dan Rowe, president and CEO of the Panama City Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Where to Retire is a magazine dedicated to helping people with retirement relocation decisions and the only one of it’s type in America.  Approximately 700,000 Americans relocate to new towns after retirement each year.  Where to Retire editor Mary Lu Abbott said Panama City Beach possesses qualities important to today’s retirees.  “Though the area has grown in the last decade, retirees still find a relaxing, affordable lifestyle in the Florida panhandle. Panama City Beach shows off its natural beauty of white-sand beaches and emerald waters and continuing education opportunities are available through several area organizations,” Abbott added.


8 thoughts on “Where to Retire Magazine Features PCB

  1. My wife and I have relocated here from Indiana for retirement and are very happy. We tell people all the time that they should retire here. Great values on properties and great weather, good local eating places and good prices, beautiful beaches, no traffic, friendly people, good shopping, etc. Very relaxing. Good airport makes it easy to travel when necessary, and not far to drive to many places.


  2. Panama City Beach Florida is a wonderful place to retire. It was my choice and the best choice I ever made. However make a list of what you hope for so that you might know which condo you will choose. Ask around the questions on your list of several people so you will know what to expect. Do you love music all the waking hours of the day or do you love peace and quiet. Some condos do play music long hours. Patios come in different sizes . A good size patio is very nice. Do you want an indoor heated pool? What about meals, are there good restaurants closeby. How far is it to walk to the Gulf from your unit. What are the amenities? Are there any really big maintainance projects planned that the quarterly maintainance may not be able to cover that you might have to unexpectedly reach in your pocket for. This happens very unfrequently but can happen especially in older buildings. However the upgrades do add to your pleasure. Ask about parking and what sort of conveniences to get from one place to another to buy groceries etc. You may wish to know if there is a place to Bar b que. If you do your home work , you will love retiring at Panama City Beach with just exactly what you wish for.


  3. I agree that PC Beach is a wonderful, beautiful place. I fear that when prospective retirees come to look around they will change their minds very quickly if the come here during Spring Break. Any new plans to keep the drugs and drunk kids out this year? Last Spring, I was sitting on the beach. The beach was really busy. Kids were OPENLY smoking pot! Why is this allowed??????? I was shocked. I know the authorities turn their head during Spring Break, but this was a Sunday in May…. We own condos on the beach and have lost several of our Spring Break families because the renters during S


  4. ….lost rentals because the kids are so wild. I know they are not all that way… Unfortunately it is the wild ones that ruin it for everyone else.


  5. This is excellent news! As the article mentions, many of our current beach residents moved here because of pleasant memories of earlier vacations. And Panama City Beach has only improved, with more shopping, dining, and entertainment. Combined with the excellent real estate values on the beach and current low interest rates, it’s a great time to relocate. A lot of high end homes were built during the boom that can now be bought from a fraction of their replacement cost. We are seeing retirees coming in and making excellent deals on these houses. I know of one retired couple that just bought a house on the west end, in very good condition, for less than half of what is sold for a few years ago.


  6. Yeah, it’s a great place to buy a house and set on it from another state (or rent it out for double/triple what your paying), drive <40MPH on back beach rd at rush hour, not tip anybody EVER, argue with the lady at the grocery store over a $0.20 coupon with a mile-long line behind you, let your tiny little lap dog drop deuce on my yard every morning w/o picking it up etc.etc.. It's a GREAT PLACE


    1. lol lol……. Hunny, don’t you know what you have described goes on everywhere. It’s called… LIFE.
      In my eyes you are a lucky man & just fail to realize it.
      You live, I presume very close to the beach/PCB where I have longed to live just about all my life.
      One day I hope that my hubby & I can for-fill our dreams and do just that. Please do me a big favor…… enjoy your life & where you live, try to have more patients with people at the grocery store no matter how long the line may be, smile more, pet animals and just try to show more love towards yourself & others.
      Be “Happy” that you live where you are and try to just enjoy a few special moments each day at the beach…. just for YOU!
      Please think of all of us who wish we were there but, cannot be.
      I bid you peace…..


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