Consider The Beach Renourished

For the past three months many have wondered about the lights and heavy machinery working on the beach around the clock.  The confusion which came with the $16 million beach renourishment project is now over!

1.4 million cubic yards of sand were pumped to 7.5 miles of beach, in many locations extending the shoreline by 100 feet.  This project was the third of the major renourishment projects in Panama City Beach in the past 12 years.

“Preserving Panama City Beach’s natural resources is a top priority for area officials,” adds Rowe.  “This commitment can be seen in the beach restoration as well as the recent opening of our Conservation Park.  We look forward to welcoming guests seeking authentic beach vacations and ecotourism experiences.”

Renourishment is key to fighting against the erosion caused by dune destruction and reduction.  Please help Panama City Beach prolong the areas impacted by the project by respecting the dunes, sea grass,and sea oats!

2 thoughts on “Consider The Beach Renourished

  1. Hello Kacyn,
    Our plant manager and his family spent Christmas week at PCB and the beach in front of their beach home was part of the refurbishment. Knowing that I am a really BIG beach lover he came back & told me in detail the what’s and how’s this was accomplished. I found it amazing! Our family have never been to PCB during the off season (Winter) to see this but have been told about it. What I found so amazing was how they scoped up the sand into a huge barge & using a large pipe of some sort blew the sand up on the beach. Then the bulldozers would come behind all this and level the area out. What he did tell me was just what was left behind…….. 1000’s of shells, some large unbroken, some broken……. just an assortment! Their family & others down at PCB during this time found many many shells and their children were just fascinated by this. It was educational & fun at the same time! I have a great photo he sent me of the shells he found…. enough to fill the top of their patio table! I will go to your web-site/Facebook and download it tonight.
    Thanks of the great story it came just about the time I also learned of this.


  2. Also, while protecting the sand dunes and sea oats, please bring an extra can to put all cigarette butts in, and other small items so you can carry them off the beaches when you leave, and throw them in the trash. Cigarette butts never deteriorate, and I know we all would rather sit in sand years from now, rather than cigarette butts. Right????


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