2011: The Best Year Yet for The Resort Collection

Congratulations to The Resort Collection!  2011 was a top year for The Resort Collection of Panama City Beach, with notable accomplishments, awards, and proof of customer satisfaction. They also saw the highest summer revenue and nightly room occupancy rate.  They are looking into 2012 with a focus on guest satisfaction and community involvement.

“This has been a really great year for The Resort Collection. It is our mission to become the preferred leisure, golf, meeting and lifestyle destination in Panama City Beach,” said Paul Wohlford, vice president of sales and marketing for The Resort Collection. “In 2011, our staff fulfilled that mission and the guests just keep coming back!”

“After the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, we were really aggressive in making sure people knew our beaches were unaffected,” said Wohlford. “We saw the fruits of our labor this summer. We are pleased that people turn to The Resort Collection when they think of a Florida vacation, whether it’s their first stay or they come every year.”

The Resort Collection shared this news in Time Square in New York City to celebrate.  (see featured image)  Congratulations again to The Resort Collection on a great year!

3 thoughts on “2011: The Best Year Yet for The Resort Collection

  1. Any more “meat” to this story? Revenues, occupancy rates, what kind of “proof of customer satisfaction” did they receive? Always looking for good news to share with folks heading down to look at real estate…


  2. If you go to their website: resortcollection.com it gives a list including what resorts make up this collection. They are: Edgewater, Emerald Beach, Long Beach, Hombre Golf, En Soleil and The Majestic. Most of “Return to PCB” vacationers have stayed in one or all of the above resorts with the exception of Hombre Golf.
    They are noted to having the lowest rates for vacationers but, I can tell you I pride myself in staying at wonderful condos and getting exceptional rates each year when our family & friends travel to PCB. I have looked over the website and read the articles. I cannot find anything about “proof” of customer satisfaction received by the collection of resorts. They do however offer a fully listed guarantee of items that each condo will have.
    Believe me there are many many wonderful places to stay in PCB and truly great personal owners to work with……….”resort collection” list or not! lol lol
    I have always had exceptional luck with VRBO.com


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