Mitt Romney Surprises Panama City with a Visit

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Regardless of your political affiliation, when a president or president hopeful comes to our neck of the woods, it’s something to take note of.  You may remember, not long ago President Obama came to our beach.  Love him or hate him, he’s still the president, and he along with all the journalists that were following him know about Panama City Beach.  Now, let’s add what could be our next President – Mitt Romney.  Grant it, we couldn’t get him on the beach, he was pressed for time, but at least our general area got some press!

Being a fellow Mormon, I have a natural attraction to Mitt and his position on how to run a country.  Of course, the fact that he runs a tight business ship and wants to make America better for business helps a lot too.  Being a small business owner myself, we need all the help we can get!

Anyway, I didn’t intend on this being a political soap box for me to share my views on who would be a great president (you can see why he’d be great here), just wanted to let you know he was here and share some pictures!

7 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Surprises Panama City with a Visit

  1. Omama is doing everything he can to help Romeny defeat Gingrich, because he knowes he beat Romney and he is afraid of having to face Newt Gingrich.


  2. Hey All,

    I appreciate the info on Presidential candidate Mit Romney visit to the area, but when one have to characterize the visit in terms of whether one support or hate him shouldn’t be an issue.. and that should go for any national political leader.. It speaks volume to the mentality of the majority of the people in this neck of the wood..

    Thanks and you have a nice day.


  3. First & Foremost…… I wish I had been in PCB to be at this event. I consider the ones of you who were very fortunate.
    With our economy at a crucial crossroads, we have many major decisions thrust on each of us. We must rethink the way we do business and select a candidate with sound judgment, vision and experience that person must be able to lead our nation & its people into a new direction. I believe Mitt Romney is just what our country needs. He is a conservative who believes in the fundamentals of capitalism and will make it successful! Mr. Romney was raised where return on investment and accountability are the very cornerstones for excellent judgement and decision making. He has the ability to manage & cut wasteful spending and at the same time grow jobs to prosper our growing economy. I believe he will be well prepared to restore our nation if given the opportunity.
    Let us not forget to mention that Mitt Romney is a successful businessman, dedicated government leader, devoted husband, honest & decent man.
    We need our nation to once again be “Mighty”…… I believe Mr. Romney will reinvigorate our troubled economy and return our nation to the greatness we once were!
    “Believe In America”
    Thank you, Cathy/Tennessee 🙂


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