Readers of PCBDaily – The Old Gang is Back!

Jason Koertge has an awesome vacation rental business in Panama City Beach that focuses on remarkable properties around the Pier Park area.  They range from 1 to 3 bedrooms, they’re clean, and amazing.  He can be found lurat

If you’ve been reading PCBDaily for a while, you probably remember a couple years ago when I sold PCBDaily to CYber SYtes.  You see, I had some grand plan that involved climbing the corporate ladder, at some point returning to school to get my graduate degree and just following where life took me.  Well, as life goes, the direction changed sporadically and somewhat unpredictably along the way.

Instead of climbing the corporate ladder, I accepted a position with CYber SYtes (who bought PCBDaily from me), and instead of going to graduate school, I decided to teach others how to do social media.  And of course, in the spirit of a true entrepreneur, working for someone else really began to wear on me.  So my wife and I started, a vacation rental business, to build a more solid future for our kids.

So, that brings us to today.

After a year of explosive growth with and almost exactly 2 years to the day, is back in the arms of it’s creator.  A part of me always resented the fact that that I sold it.  I know many of our readers certainly missed me.  But the last two years was necessary for me to be where I am and necessary for where the future of PCBDaily will be.

PCBDaily has always been the go to place for news and information specific to Panama City Beach and we want it to stay that way.  You’ve always been able to rely on us to find out what’s going on and keep tabs with the local current events.  We’re back, and we’re making plans for it to be even better!

But, I’m not alone.

I founded in 2006.  I ran it alone for three years but decided to instigate some growth in 2009 when I brought on board two very important assets.  With these assets, PCBDaily could have never instilled the value it now has today.  Each of them have been missing a part of their heart as the ownership of PCBDaily was held by CYber SYtes.

This second time around I have two partners in making the PCBDaily magic.  These two partners have always had as much passion for PCBDaily as I’ve had and offered not a moment’s hesitation when the opportunity of partnership came up.

Karen Smith

You probably know her.  Everyone knows her.  She’s the broker/owner of Beachy Beach Real Estate and her kind, fun-loving spirit, so generous she’ll literally give you everything she has and be thankful for the opportunity to do so is literally unforgettable.  She’s always had a passion for PCBDaily and she was one of our first paid advertisers.

She stuck with us from thick to thin and even stayed with it for the duration it was out of my hands.  She wrote for it when she could and she co-founded TheBeachShow with me in 2009.  She’s a real estate extraordinaire and has the awards to prove it.  And she’s so humble she’ll probably ask me to pull these glowing remarks down to subdue her blushing.

Now, she’s a partner in PCBDaily – part owner, equal contributor and 100% awesome.  You can expect regular episodes of TheBeachShow to come back and hear from her smiling face often about what’s happening in the real estate market.

Cebo Campbell

When I first hired Cebo to write for years ago, he was relatively new to the business community here, new to web development, but certainly not new to writing.  Having already been a published author, he certainly has taught me a thing or two.  He was, humorously, regularly dubbed my sidekick, of which a label did no justice for who/what he really was to me and PCBDaily.

Having grown to be not only my best friend (yes, Cebo, other than my wife, you are my BFF), he’s taught me about life, writing and work ethic.  While at first I was “mentoring” him on how to market, he’s far surpassed my skills and become a very high-paid talent to countless others around the country.  His skills are shown all over the place, and you’ll continue to see them as the future wears on.

His heart was always in PCBDaily and his passion was obvious in everything he wrote.  It really only made sense that he too was a partner in the new PCBDaily.  He’ll be writing about tourism, technology and current events.

What’s coming up.

PCBDaily has always been your source of news and information relating to real estate, growth and tourism in Panama City Beach, and it will continue to be so.  But, with that, we’re taking the reason for our being to a different level.  In years past, this was ran as a business – trying to generate revenue from ad sales.  Moving forward, there will be no drive to make money directly from ad sales.  In fact, we’re going to remove many of the ad spots, and won’t be taking any paid ads at all.

We want to provide quality information about the area and we hope that you’ll support us through our other businesses.

There will still be some ads.  Choice, non-competing businesses that want to trade some of their products or services will get in exchange the opportunity to advertise along with feature articles and Newsletter promotion.  But this will be kept at a minimum.

Plus, the newsletter will be redesigned and begin going back out weekly – I know a lot of you have asked for this.

We’d like to go back to having regular giveaways and contests and continue with community involvement.

We’re super stoked to have the team back together and to have PCBDaily in its rightful hands.  Tell us in the comments below what you’d like to see us do, moving forward!


25 thoughts on “Readers of PCBDaily – The Old Gang is Back!

  1. Jason, I have been a faithful reader/commentor for years now & I am more than happy to read about the “gang” being back together!
    Karen & TheBeachShow is awesome…. luv luv luv it, what more can I say! I worked for a builder for years seeing homes built from ground up & I watched many happy familys buy these homes. It was something I truly enjoyed!
    You don’t have to tell me about passion….. any job a person does, if done well you have to have a passion for it. This is certainly why pcbdaily is so popular, the people who write for it have captured that passion.
    I look forward to reading all your articles, posting comments and possibly renting from you in the future.
    Blessings to all of you! 🙂


    1. Wow Cathy!!!!! I can not tell you how excited that I am that you are thrilled along with us. Jason and I started the beach show years ago with just an idea and a glimmer in our eye!!! Any time we think of something that peaks our marketing soul we are all over it. It has proved to be such a powerful tool to reach people and the cool thing is that selling is just a buy product. My favorite part for sure is all the people that let me know that it brings a lift to their week!!!!

      Gosh I feel so luck that I get to do this for a living so that I have a life full to overflowing!!!!
      Cathy thanks from the bottom of my heart and share with your friends and know that we NEVER take you for granted.
      grateful and enthusiastic!!!!


      1. You are such a sweet lady, I can tell this even by reading your writing. I swear in June when we come down….. I’m coming to see “all” of you! I love to be surrounded with up-beat, happy people!
        Blessings…. Cathy/Tennessee


  2. Jason,
    With Karen on your team you will climb mountains. I wish my company had a “secret sauce” like her!


    1. Oh man!!! That sure made this girls day!!!! Night!!! Week!!! month!!!
      Thanks Jamie for being such a kind support of me!!!!!
      grateful for sure!!! We are super super excited that we are together again doing what we love the best…. sharing our great beach with others. Don’t you feel so spoiled that we get to live here????

      blessings to you!!!


    2. Oh my goodness!!! What an affirmation to make it a little easier to do what we are called to do. I love it when I see all the positive feedback. I am thankful for one more vehicle to inspire and uplift my fellow humans!!!
      WE are so excited about what is before us and together we are up tot he challenge of sharing the love of our beach with others!!!
      Way too many blessings for one group not to spread it around.
      grateful and enthusiastic,


  3. Congrats:
    I have been reading PCB Daily from its beginning , while living in Michigan and Connecticut, and enjoyed it the most when the three of you were writing it. Now living on the beautiful emerald coast, I look forward once again to keeping up with whats happening in our area, and enjoying your positive attitudes. Good Luck


  4. I’m REALLY, REALLY, REALLY excited to read this news. I can’t think of a better plan and better peeps to be bringing us the news of all that’s GREAT about PCB! THANK YOU all for what you do and for your commitment to PCB, it is GREATLY appreciated! I own a condo at Sterling Reef and provide the site to my guests. My guests will be happy with this news and they will continue to adore Karen and her Beachy Beach fabulousness!


  5. I’m glad to see you three together, and glad to keep receiving updates. What creative talent! Best of luck to you.


  6. Karen you go girl. I have known you for a long time and you are everything Jason said you are and more. Thanks for all you do. As for you guys Jason and Cebo Hope to see you and really get to know you at Sunjammers. Hope everyone enjoys the fishing reports as much as Brad enjoys doing them. Get out and enjoy the water it’s February already!!!!!!! Hank


    1. Wow!!!
      Hank thanks so much for your kind words of affirmations. It is kind of fun to look back on where I started and where I am now!!! God’s amazing grace!!! …. and some hard work thrown in and lots and lots of precious friends who believed in me.
      Jason is one the big reasons why I have been successful he pointed me in the right direction years ago and thanks be to God listened.
      Keep on reading!!!!
      Here’s to Sunjammers!!!


  7. SO HAPPY that you guys are back together! I have missed seeing Karen and the gang with The Beach Show so much. Even though I no longer sell Real Estate full time, since I opened my Panama City Photography Studio, I still enjoy knowing what Panama City Beach Real Estate deals are out there! Looking forward to everything old and new that you guys have in store!

    Lana Williams


  8. Life is indeed good. Glad to have you guys back. I for one had drifted away from PCBdaily as time passed. It seemed to have lost some of the edge it had originally. I’ve always respected Jason’s comments. I don’t always agree, but he makes his case to the point you have to consider his direction. Of course Karen is the sun light. Always on the positive, made especially hard with the events of the past few years. I was a fan of Cebo from the very beginning. I like people who step into the flames. Sometimes you have to call the medic, but in the end, the stories and exposes’ are worth it. Welcome back!! Oh no I didn’t………I sure did……………I was humming the theme to “Welcome back, Kotter”. I’m so embarrassed.


  9. One of the draws I’ve always felt about PCBDaily is the raw honesty that comes through in the writing… Jason states or questions what many are pondering ourselves. So much of writing out there is beige – beige is fine in small amounts… but love the “spoiler” dashes of color!

    Glad the team has returned!


  10. Dear Jason, Karen, Cebo, et all:

    Since the early seventies I have enjoyed working and living all around the Gulf. By far, the information, entertainment, and over all look, feel, and content of PCB Daily is a superior package on all levels. Living far away, now, I really rely on the newsletter to feel connected to an area my Wife and I love. Weekly, with special editions as needed more frequenly would work for me. I did, somewhat, preferbthe old format but probably just more used to it. Your’s is a valuable and first class poroduction all the way around.

    Thank You,

    James Owens


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