Weekly Fishing Report by Sunjammers

We used to have this featured from time to time and have had numerous requests to have it back.  So, here we go!

This week’s fishing report, brought to us by Sunjammers, reports that Panama City Beach fishing is great inshore.  West Bay is very productive with redfish being sight-fished on the flats and very good sized trout being caught. Pier fishing is extremely slow but should pick up rapidly with the rising water temperatures.

As usual, visit the Sunjammers Facebook page for daily fishing forecast and up to the minute reports.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Fishing Report by Sunjammers

  1. These are amazing to watch……. we usually see them with binoculars when we stay up around the pier at Aqua.
    I’m glad you have brought this report back, it’s very interesting and lets us see what is caught when we aren’t there. I am thinking different fish are caught at different times of the season…. anyone want to elaborate on this? I would really love to know.
    🙂 Cathy/Tennessee


  2. Yes Cathy different fish are caught at different times of the year. In this region water temperature is the key. When the temp of the ( Gulf Of Mexico) begins to increase the fishing really picks up. Cobia or as we sometimes call the Ling, begin their migration from west to east and anglers come out of hibernation to hunt and catch this amazing game fish. Cobia show up on the beach in Panama City in early to mid March, and as the water temp increases so do the population of fish. You will see the number of boats increasing close to shore manned with some of the most serious fishermen of the year. They are easy to spot standing in towers with rod and reel in hand, waiting for that moment to pitch a jig or live eel to a hungry ling. A bite and hookup will be the beginning a 15 minute to 1 hour fight to the finish. Some will get the glory of bragging rights, and some will go home again empty handed, but all will go home excited with a story to tell even if its only about the big one that got away. This spectacular time of the year for me is the always the true beginning of fishing season here in Panama CIty Beach. Although some Cobia are caught throughout the year it’s never as exciting as hearing about the very first confirmed catch in March.
    Stay tuned for more on the SPRING LING FLING and always check out the Sunjammers fishing report for more info on where to catch your limit.
    See you at SJS Thanks Hank


    1. Hank….. Thank you so very much, this would explain to me why I see “spicific” fish being caught on the pier at different seasons.
      I’ve seen some very nice fish, squid and some that the guys & gals say aren’t worth catching.
      Thanks again!
      Cathy/Tn. 🙂


  3. For the record I stated last night that the cobia migration was from west to east. I will clarify that this morning while I am awake that ling spend the winter south and move towards the west in the spring along Panama city Beach.
    Sorry bout that
    Thanks, Hank


  4. Hey guys. Just interested in how the pier and jetties and sand point are doing. Are Kings and Spanish being caught good??? I’ll be down from B’ham on 22-30 Lord willing. Can’t find any reports for inshore and surf. Caught many King and Spanish their. Also are any red being caught at jetties? Like to put my 8 y/o on one or two. I’ve been told people have caught grouper at jetties. Not sure how to do that. One last thing, is there any site who has report daily or recent pics ect. Thanks


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