The Beach Show – Episode 127

First, let me be the first to welcome The Beach Show back to  This was where it was founded and it’s glad to have it back home.

The Beach Show is part of our Real Estate category where we talk a bit about real estate in the Panama City Beach area. This post originally appeared on The Beach Show which airs a new episode of super hot real estate deals each week.

3 thoughts on “The Beach Show – Episode 127

  1. Mono the microphone audio and center it in post so it’s not coming out of the left speaker only. The microphone audio around 3:01 sounds good.


    1. Duh Justin not sure what you are talking about because when I hear it I can hear it fine. I better check with someone smarter than me…. hey wait that could be most anyone. The technical stuff is not my domain!!!!

      thanks for watching!!!!


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