Seahaven Beach Break’s Ground On A New Phase

If you’ve driven down Front Beach Road near Origin at Seahaven, you no doubt noticed all the ground that is being turned up. We’ve had a lot of inquires as to what it could be (no, it is not another Walmart). In fact, Seahaven Beach Resorts is beginning it’s first phase of a new Village and Streetscape plan, starting with the large parking lot. The new plan will add that much-needed parking as well as a lineup of choice retail spots that will line the roadside with storefronts.

This addition to the resort should help tie it in with Pier Park and create an even stronger pull for what has become Panama City Beach’s busiest area.

If you are interested in retail space or have additional inquiries, head over to Seahaven Beach Resorts

2 thoughts on “Seahaven Beach Break’s Ground On A New Phase

  1. Do you know if there will be a Costco opening anytime soon down there? I My family is waiting for that. I hope there are plans soon ! Thanks


  2. CEBO…. Is this the vacant lot where long ago their used to be an amusement park? In the photos it looks like that small building in the lot was the concession stand long ago. This construction could be right next door to that I believe.
    Thanks, Cathy/Tn.


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