Target at Pier Park Prepping for A Looming Standoff

This week Target at Pier Park plans to open it’s new (and highly anticipated as far as I am concerned) produce section, which may or may not be news to you, but could make for quite a standoff in the very near future. As I am sure you’ve read, a plan to build a new Walmart within shouting distance is presenting a potential showdown. But, underlying what could be a price/food/clientele war are the whispered perceptions of what adding a Walmart around the Pier Park area could do to Pier Park’s brand. This war, it seems, will extend beyond the aisles of the respective super-stores and into the dining room discussions of residents all over Panama City Beach in terms of how it will affect things like traffic, businesses and, of course, the inevitable growth towards the West End.

For now, at least, we can all rejoice in the fresh and high quality produce headed our way. In fact, Target is actually a Certified Organic Produce Retailer, which means that much of what you will see in the store should be pretty tasty. And although Target’s offering will not be a substitute for a full-service grocery store, it should make the popular store more of a one-stop-shop.

The war is looming, no doubt, but Target’s little addition is a welcomed one.

2 thoughts on “Target at Pier Park Prepping for A Looming Standoff

  1. I do not live in Panama City Beach, FL. but, it is my second home 3 times a years for 10 days or less. In those times I am in PCB, I sometimes cook for me and my spouse and take a break from eating in restaurants. I usually go to Wal-Mart for produce but, living in Birmingham, Target is my go to place for produce. The organic produce certifies that you’re getting produce from animals who were fed healthy and well, taken cared of and no extra chemicals or “bloating” additives were added to their diet. I recommend Target highly and will be shopping my produce from there :-).


  2. Well, I’m like Christy…. I do not live in PCB but consider it my second home & i do care what happens and goes on while I’m away. With that being said……when my hubby & I stay up on the West end side of the beach I will visit the new Target Produce section, just to see how it’s arranged and if they offer things I like. For all it’s ever worth I still believe you will have “faithful” Wal-Mart followers and “faithful” Target followers and in any area these stores are built there will always be the dreaded traffic problems. I truly love Pier Park… it’s concept is remarkable, planned very well in it’s brightly colored buildings loaded with what attracts us vacationers……. my hopes are that neither of these BIG shopping stores with their traffic flow ruin what is a really “good” thing for PCB. That’s my two sense worth.
    Thanks, Cathy/Tennessee


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