Shipwreck Island Adding New Ride: Splish Splash

Shipwreck Island Waterpark is one of Panama City Beach’s most beloved attractions. And this season, they are giving you another reason to love going. Splish Splash has just arrived (photo above) and will be in construction this Spring to be ready for Summer.

Numerous guests to Shipwreck Island Waterpark have shared how much they missed the old skull and the waterfalls. The truth is, the stability of the old structures couldn’t be determined because the faux rock surface covered the rebar inside. Some of the rocks definitely had corrosive rebar, so the decision was made to tear down the old structures and replace them with fun, family attractions.

Last season Shipwreck added a tipping bucket and fort known as the Shipwreck Water Company. The Shipwreck team came up with a plan to redesign the existing kiddie slide, now called the Likity Split, and add dual racing slides next to the tipping bucket. The new attraction is called, “Splish Splash.” Not nearly as high as the “Pirate’s Plunge” racing slide, “Splish Splash” is a family racing where moms and dads can challenge their little guys, or vice versa.

The two hundred feet of fiberglass slides bow out widely with twists and turns as sliders race down at fourteen feet per second. The slides come together at the bottom where racers enter the splash pool. The slide structures were built by the largest fiberglass slide manufacturer in the world, White Water West Industries of Canada, and the design was a collaboration between the White Water and Shipwreck Island teams.

Check out the recently added, Tipping Bucket”

For more information about ticket prices and park open dates go to or

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