7 thoughts on “Foreclosure Specials on The Beach Show

  1. I have been by this beachy beach with Karen….nice office…she does not even return phone calls…I have been there in person twice to inquire about information. Jusy sayin


    1. Belinda,
      Please forgive us!! first time you came we were in a meeting then I got very very very sick. Was back at work last week for the whole week for the first time. I actually saw your card on my desk and had totally forgotten because I got sick.
      I think you I remember that you have a service to offer???
      Will give you a shout and we do care!!!
      Whatever the sickness was it went throughout our whole office.

      I just found out from my daughter that you came by!!! I did not even know that you were back again till now.

      I am sorry that you are unhappy but will be sure to call you back.


      1. Glad you are feeling better! Glad you had a nice Easter with your family! I don’t have a service to offer. I was seeking a service. You were so personal when I met you and came highly recommended as a local! Your office is a wealth of information!
        And a real breath of fresh air for the west end! I am sure it was just a miscommunication! I had been reading PCB daily for along time and really enjoy!


    2. Oh my gosh, that sure doesn’t sound like Karen or her team! Belinda, there has to be a reason – apart from it being Easter weekend – because Karen is the hardest working realtor we know!


  2. Belinda!!!
    Thanks from the bottom of my heart for being so sweet and understanding!! I am a normally really on top of things… all be it a little scattered but I sure love my customers and all that enter my little happy office.
    I guess you see that we need some help!!!


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