Pier Park Summer Concert Series Schedule

Ah, summertime.  When I think of it, almost every time without fail, a certain Sublime song begins to play in my head – nevermind the underlying story.  All I remember is “Summertime and the livin’s easy.”  And easy living will surely have this fantastic summer we have coming up.

Tourism numbers are up, the weather’s been perfect lately and today we’re announcing the lineup of this summer’s Pier Park Summer Concert Series!

The series is every Thursday evening and begins at 7 pm.

Pier Park Summer Concert Series Band Lineup and Schedule

June 7  — Eric Lindell

June 14 — The Black Lillies

June 21 — Telluride

June 28 — The Kevin Jacobs Band

July 5 — Heritage

July 12 — George Porter Jr. and the Runnin’ Pardners

July 19 — The Lee Boys

July 26 — Boukou Groove

August 2 — Heat and the Zydeco Gents

August 9 — Colin Lake

August 16 — The Barry Fish Band

17 thoughts on “Pier Park Summer Concert Series Schedule

    1. Ira, most of these singers/bands have a web page some with sample music. I googled a few, try it. Personally I love Eric Lindell! They can have him back every year as far as I’m concerned!


  1. Lots of the same bands from years past, which is a bit disappointing. Who is responsible for bringing in these musicians? Oh well, at least they picked out a good band who performed last year in Seaside…go see The Black Lillies on June 14th…they put on an incredible show!


    1. I’ve lived at PCB over 4 years now & The Kevin Jacobs Band & Heritage have become my two favorite bands! So, excited to have them at the free concert! Check them out!


  2. I’m wondering about the outside cooler thing also. In previous years, that’s what you did. You brought your cooler, your chair, and most times we brought dinner. I’m hearing rumors that it will no longer be acceptable to bring your own food and beverages in. PLEASE tell me this is only a rumor! We have missed maybe 5 concerts in all of the years that they have put this thing on. It is the highlight of our summer and we all look forward to it every year. I don’t even want to think about a summer without the summer concert series!


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