My Absence, A Likely Story

If you haven’t noticed we’ve been sparse around here, then you probably aren’t reading as much as you tell me you are when you see me around town.  😉  There can be a variety of complicated excuses and/or reasons that involve entrepreneurship, psychology, and management, but it really all comes down to lack of focus as a result of too much busyness.

As you know, summer season makes our bread-and-butter business crazy.  Panama City Beach Luxury Properties is doing phenomenally well, but we’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to focus that much on writing.  And I apologize for that.

On top of that, in the last two weeks, I’ve moved our personal residence to 30A (yes, we moved west)(with 4 kids worth of stuff) and now we’re moving our offices.  And, on top of that, we’re making some huge business changes, growing dramatically and hiring like crazy.

So, whether you want to call these excuses or reasons, they’ve kept me from being able to focus on what’s important to you – news and information about Panama City Beach.

I can assure you, Panama City Beach is a passion of mine, and we’ll get back to regularly scheduled posts as soon as we get settled down.

I’m sorry for our absence and I thank you for your patience.

2 thoughts on “My Absence, A Likely Story

  1. Aaaaaaah now I know the reason I’ve not read anything or seen you posting anything on here. Wow, no wonder….. moving is the total pits! It is much worse that just plain old busy.
    But, I do hope you are getting settled now in your new home and business office and I hate to admit this but, I am quite jealous of where you are moving too! lol lol
    30A is just a gorgeous location with it’s unique coastline, unspoiled dunes and beaches. The pastel houses and palm lined streets…… I can just see it now, one would imagine themselves far far away yet you are just a hop & skip from everywhere you want to be at.
    I hope you enjoy your new surroundings and prosperity & health follow you always.
    Good Wishes from Tennessee…. I will be there in September!
    Glad all is ok,
    Cathy Henson


  2. Hey Jason,
    your partners need to have your back while you are moving out west!!!

    We have some good stuff to write about this week so hang on!!! I also am trying to move my office too so exciting stuff going down!!!


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