Hurricane Isaac – Send Us Your Pics

Hurricane Isaac, once pointed directly at us, loomed threatening projections for days.  The local EOC (emergency operations center) was activated and press briefings were held, and many schools in the panhandle were closed for 1 day (some 2).  But Isaac brought nothing except sunshine and a little wind.  As close as Santa Rosa Beach saw a very thin but heavy band of rain for a couple hours yesterday evening, but that’s it.  Yesterday was a sunny fun day off of school and work.  They have snow days in the north, we get hurricane days. 🙂

But, there was some good wind, storm surge and some huge waves in the gulf, and we want to see pictures.

You may remember, last year with TD Lee came through, we got some excellent footage of the new M.B. Miller Pier taking the beating like a champ.

We want to see what you got, so send us your pictures to my email,

4 thoughts on “Hurricane Isaac – Send Us Your Pics

  1. I have been lucky enough to see just a few photos posted from areas in PCB that have had flooding issues….. I know this water will recede soon & as things dry out everything will be ok. I am certainly glad as I can tell PCB obtained little to no damage to buildings etc., this you are so fortunate for as people/communities to the far West were not. I’ve been checking out a few webcams and saw some unbelievable sights especially people walking on the piers with the Gulf waves splashing up on top of them!
    Me & my hubby will be there on the 8th of September and we will enjoy being in PCB no matter what type of weather awaits us—–it is “our” restful time together. 🙂
    Take Care,


    1. Cathy,
      If you get a chance come by and say howdy and give us a hug at Beachy Beach Real Estate at 22600 Panama City Beach Parkway. It should be a nice week that week when you come. That is actually a great time to be here!!!!
      We were very grateful that we were spared the storm but bless the precious hearts of our friends to the west of us.
      The waves have been crazy and all my surfer friends have been surfing instead of working because they rarely get the chance at that type of surf.

      Be safe is your travels!!!


  2. I used to love this website but any more, there’s never any updates. There may not be much going on in the news but at least post something PCB related. I love checking this site everyday but now there is no point in it because it is not updated on a regular basis like it used to be.


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