Complete Restaurant Guide for This Thanksgiving

For many reasons, fall is one of my absolute favorite times of year.  Business is slow offering some time to rest and hang out with the kids, the weather is cool, but not cold which makes being outside an absolute joy, and the holiday season brings excitement, joy and family time.

Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks, and it’s also a time for FOOD!.  Having our Thanksgiving meal at home is bitter-sweet as we love preparing delicious food and love even more the leftovers that lasts for weeks.  Wait, who am I kidding, if you’re like our family, we’re tired of the leftovers by Friday!

And for us, every couple of years we like to shake things up and skip all the preparation and go out.  Just think of it: no grocery shopping, no preparing, no waiting for hours while being tantalized by the smell, and no clean up.  Or, if you’re visiting Panama City Beach for the holidays and don’t want to cook in your condo, you need a wonderful restaurant to cater to your every whim.

We called around to every place we could think of and this is the list we came up with of restaurants that are open for Thanksgiving for 2012.  If you know of others, or if you’re place is open, just let us know in comments and we’ll do our best to get it updated timely.

Thanksgiving Restaurants

Sharky’s Beachfront Restaurant – Thanksgiving Buffet – $15.95 to $23.95 (kids 4 and under free) – 11am to 6pm

Saltwater Grill – “Traditional Buffet” – $21.99 (adults), $10.99 (kids), 3 and under free – 11am to 9pm

Dirty Dick’s – Thanksgiving Menu – $24.99 – 11am to 6pm

Wicked Wheel – Regular menu starting at $10.99 – 11:30 to 8pm

Boatyard – Reservations only – Special Menu – 4 people or more at $24.99 a person – 11am to 6pm

Also, be sure to check the comments.

Since I have published this article, there have been a good variety of others that have posted their restaurants in the comments section.  Please keep an eye on it for some updates (below).

Here are the ones as of this update.

Pineapple Willy’s – 11am to 8pm

Mike’s Diner and Oyster Bar


Shades Bar and Grill



5 thoughts on “Complete Restaurant Guide for This Thanksgiving

  1. Shades Bar and Grill will be open. It’s a family friendly atmosphere, with a game room for the kiddos, large selection of beer on tap and flat screen TVs for all the football games playing on Turkey Day.


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