Play Purdy!!! Multliple offers

I just love this job!!! Every day it is new and exciting and different and just when you think you have it figured out …. here we go again.  One day our buyers are just strolling along and taking their time to figure out just which of the many houses they want and with the blink of the eye it has changed.  Although it is NOT a total sellers market yet, we are inching closer and closer as inventory is going down and the multiple offers are CRANKING up.  So what is one to do when you are faced with multiple offers.

Play Purdy!!!!  (southern for Play Pretty)

My grandmother alway hollered after us as we went out to play,” Play Purdy now!!” Of course that was her way of reminding us to play nice and that is great advice when making an offer on a home that you really want. To make your offer more attractive, don’t ask for closing cost and other extras from the seller. If you do need to ask for closing cost assistance then up your offer to cover those expenses.  It is also a great idea for your agent to be really sweet to the listing agent because emotions do play into our engagement with others… whether on a subconscious or conscious level.

Hot buttons!!!

More than likely the seller has some hot buttons, some things that just may tilt the sale in your favor. Maybe you find out that they would love a quick close or maybe they need to even stay a few days after close…. if you can find out what makes them tick you may have a good chance of having the winning offer.

Share that loving feeling…. oh that loving feeling.

Most home owners love their home and have an emotional attachment and the notion that someone else will love and enjoy it too makes them feel good about the sale of their home.  I have actually had people write a letter to the seller’s expressing how they felt about the home and what it meant to their family.  On a personal level I just purchased a new home and I believe that the seller who really did not want to leave the beach, ( and who would?) felt a sense of comfort because of my over the top enthusiasm for her home that thankfully is now mine.

As we continue to move towards more of a Seller’s market  I will share some more tips next week…. but for now remember, “The only people we have to get even with are those that have helped us.”  And until I see you again, “Play Purdy”


4 thoughts on “Play Purdy!!! Multliple offers

    1. Kandi!!!
      Thanks so much!!! I guess I better stop writing late at night while juggling a few other things. I really appreciate you pointing that out to me and spell check is all done. Now you go play purdy!!!!


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