If Honey Boo Boo Can do it…Emily Can!


Emily Edwards is the daughter of local Bay County residents, Keri and Allen Edwards and she needs your help to get her to her next pageant!

I wanted to share this because I know we have many families that many of our PCB Daily readers  know what it feels like to feel the financial crunch of sending children to activities.  Growing up, though we did not have a lot, I was very blessed to be a part of a great church and school system that often helped families that needed help so their kids would not go with out.

I can not tell you how blessed I was to be able to attend choir trips, youth group ski trips, and other competitions and life changing events through out my childhood and adolescence thanks to the generosity of others. So that is why I wanted to share Emily’s story, even if the next competition is literally just around the corner.  In fact, the next event is this upcoming Thursday, July 11th.

Emily is new to the competition arena, but in just six months of pageants has been very successful and discovering she comes alive on stage!

When she is not on stage, she enjoys spending time with her family and animals and loves watching Sponge Bob like other young kids her age.

This past May, she participated in the Florida Miss American Royalty pageant program state pageant where she was crowned Little Miss and was awarded the opportunity to go to the national competition.

Emily is proud to be going to represent her home town of Panama City Beach. I told her mother, Keri who was a classmate of mine in school and works at the local branch of Centennial Bank, I would share her daughter’s story.

Unfortunately, her family is still a little short of the money money needed for Emily to go and represent for the “World’s Most Beautiful Beaches”, about $500. I personally am going to make a donation after I post this and invite all of our fellow school mates to pitch in!

Donations can easily be made using Pay Pal, by sending to: arodedwards@yahoo.com.

Now let’s go help this local little star represent at the Nationals for the American Royalty Program Pageant and  bring that national title back to Panama City Beach.

If Honey Boo Boo can do it….Emily can!





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