Easy Maintenance will Maximize Air Purifier Performance

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If you suffer from asthma or allergies, you may want to consider an air purifier to remove dust and other fine particles from the air. In order to ensure your unit works properly, you’ll need to change the filters on a regular basis in addition to performing certain other maintenance. Here are some tips you can use to make sure that your air purifier continues to work efficiently and offer you great health benefits.

Changing the Filter

Filters will need to be changed at different intervals based upon a variety of factors. Machines equipped with HEPA filters may only need to have them replaced every three to five years; however, they should still be vacuumed about twice a year in order to keep them working properly. Other types of filters may need to be changed anywhere from one to six months. Foam pre-filters may not need to be changed at all, but instead taken out and washed thoroughly and then allowed to dry.

Electrostatic Units

Elecrostatic air purifiers are those that use magnetic fields to trap particles. These units have plates that can be removed in order to clean them. This should ideally be done at least once per month, but it could be needed more often if you have pets or are a smoker. Simply remove the plates according to your manufacturer’s directions, and then rinse them underneath warm running water. Allow them to dry thoroughly before replacing them.

Wire Maintenance

In addition to cleaning the plates, you could also need to remove dust and dirt from internal wires if you have an electrostatic unit. A special tool is needed in order to clean these wires without damaging them. Replacement brushes can normally be obtained by contacting your manufacturer. Wire cleaning should ideally be done at the same time you clean your plates, but remember to turn your system off and unplug it from its power source before doing so.

Fan Cleaning

Some models are also equipped with a fan to help circulate the air throughout the room once it has been purified.  Fan blades may also become dirty and need to be cleaned from time to time. You’ll be able to tell if this is needed simply by looking at these blades. Again, you should power off your machine and then use a damp cloth or sponge to gently remove dirt particles before starting it back up again.

Exterior Cleaning

Aside from changing the filters, the only other maintenance that is usually needed is cleaning the exterior of the machine. This should be done with a damp sponge about once a week or so. Avoid spraying any type of cleaner on the front of your machine, as this could cause chemicals to get inside of it and then be expelled out into the air you breathe. If you find your air purifier is especially dirty, you can use a bit of dish detergent in a bucket of warm water to clean it instead.

Air purifiers improve indoor air quality tremendously, but can only work efficiently if they are properly maintained. Fortunately, doing this is not time consuming or expensive, even on the most elaborate models that are available.

4 thoughts on “Easy Maintenance will Maximize Air Purifier Performance

  1. Great info! I most probably will try all these stuffs in my home.Luckily there are no allergy sufferers at home.But still i think that we should improve the quality of air.Last week i consulted a indoor air quality testing expert called DST group.They too mentioned some of these points.Thanks a lot.


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