Panama City Beach Mardi Gras in Pier Park!

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Panama City Beach Mardi Gras in Pier Park on Friday & Saturday, March 4-5.

“Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!” (Let the good times roll)

This family-friendly festival is a terrific alternative for travelers hoping to experience the culture and celebration of Mardi Gras, while enjoying a seaside vacation at one of the hottest beach destinations around.

Schedule Below

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Join CVB to Showcase PCB via Skype!

Panama City Beach CVB to showcase its sunny weather and sugar-white sand beaches to national media via Skype!

CVB officials are hosting a video conference via Skype for national media in New York City, and the CVB wants YOU to join them!

Details Below, Time Sensitive (Event is TODAY at Noon)

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Weekend Weather- Warmer Days, Chilly Nights

Looking for weekend weather updates? Bookmark our Weather category!

Best Weather Update I’ve Ever Found:

“Today is forecast to be Much Warmer than yesterday.”

That’s an actual forecast for today’s weather  (Weds, Feb 9).  You just can’t beat that kind of direct, albeit vagueness.

In a slightly less vague statement, I’m happy to share that this weekend we should be looking at some sunny skies with temps hovering around the high 50’s to low 60’s.  We can expect cold, chilly nights to follow all that day-time sunshine.

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Florida League Of Cities to BOOST NWFL Marketing

The dust is finally settling around the Panhandle, bringing with it the need to do a little image enhancing.

During the oil spill, misinformation regarding the impact the spill had on our beaches prompted many to choose other destinations for their vacations. Thankfully, our beaches were spared and the brunt of the spill never touched the snow-white sands of our shores.

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Constant Motion

constant motionI realize this is not a “nature photo” per se, but it certainly speaks to the pure joy and exhilaration children have when hunting for shells on our beautiful beach.

Good friends of our’s came down from Oklahoma for the weekend with their children.  We took them to visit Shell Island where I did a serious of action shots featuring these two bundles of energy.  The north wind had knocked the waves down on the Gulf side of Shell Island giving us an extremely calm day to frolic in the surf.

Not much is more fun as a photographer than watching a two and three year old hunting for shells.  These two were literally in constant motion running back and forth to their Mom with each new shell find.  Little did it matter to them wither the shells were broken or in perfect condition… it was a true treasure in either case.

We could all learn something from these two.  This beach is a treasure that we locals all too often take for granted.  Visit my blog to see more of these photos.


New Feature – Photos from You

At the request of some of the readers of pcbdaily, we’ve added a new feature that will showcase readers’ photos of Panama City Beach.  Teddy Meeks has been gracious enough to share his nature photography of our area, and this is an opportunity for some others to share their talent as well.

The pictures can be of anything Panama City Beach related, as long as it is PG, of course.  For more information or to submit your photos, visit photos from you.

To kick this off, Lori Duncan has submitted a couple of photos from the west end.


Although Hurricane Fay brought some seaweed and ink sea slugs to our beaches, the water really took on some brilliant colors in its aftermath.

Hungry Bird

Daniel gets face time with a local beggar.

After the Storm

Sunsets are always beautiful on the Emerald Coast.  This one was taken from the beach at Pinnacle Port, on the west side of Panama City Beach, a couple of days after Hurricane fay.

If you have photos you want displayed in this feature, click here to submit you photos.

PCB White Sale Campaign update – with stats

YPartnership’s PCBWhiteSale launched on May 5 2008 with PR and strategic ad placements hitting all the major feeder markets to our area. Besides the creative being weak at best on their “coupon” web site, the actual campaign numbers don’t look that bad.

Part of what I do at my day job is analyze web stats, so this is right up my alley.

The report, available for download below, defines “total hits” and “user sessions” and reports from May 4 to May 23. Based on what Peter Yesawich of YPartnership was saying at the strategy workshop I can only assume in the web stat world, “user sessions” would have to mean unique visitors. Seeing as total pageviews is defined, I would say this is correct.

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