PCB White Sale Campaign update – with stats

YPartnership’s PCBWhiteSale launched on May 5 2008 with PR and strategic ad placements hitting all the major feeder markets to our area. Besides the creative being weak at best on their “coupon” web site, the actual campaign numbers don’t look that bad.

Part of what I do at my day job is analyze web stats, so this is right up my alley.

The report, available for download below, defines “total hits” and “user sessions” and reports from May 4 to May 23. Based on what Peter Yesawich of YPartnership was saying at the strategy workshop I can only assume in the web stat world, “user sessions” would have to mean unique visitors. Seeing as total pageviews is defined, I would say this is correct.

So far, since May 4, there has been a total of 10,853 “user sessions” with 14,603 total pageviews. This is an average of 542 visitors each day so far. Not bad, considering we are trying to sell something, not bad at all.

Something else that was interesting was that the average length of each session was 8 minutes 46 seconds. What this means is that when people arrived at the site, they stayed there and browsed the coupons for over 8 minutes.

Shipwreck Island was the most downloaded coupon at over 330 hits, followed by Captain Jacks with over 200 hits, then Calypso, Breakers, and Bishops.

There were 25,555 emails sent to the PCB CVB database with a delivery rate of 78% – someone clean that database! There was a 27% open rate (about average) with over 2,723 clicks (also, about average). There were 392,174 emails sent to a vendor database (what is this???) with only 1,075 opens (.2%) and 158 clicks.

What is this vendor database? Either the numbers reported are wrong, or this is the most miserable list I have ever seen. .2% open rate is a 983% complete and total failure. Either that list needs to be completely destroyed and then destroyed again twice or someone needs to figure out what the real numbers are.

Project and site optimizations will include showing the partners randomly, allowing a greater sense of fairness, tweaking the coupons so that they actually come up without having to scroll, and moving the ad placements away from the entertainment section in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.


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