Fall Back Your Clocks This Weekend

Don’t forget this is the weekend to set your clocks back an hour.  This Sunday morning, November 7th at 2 am, clocks should be moved back one hour, taking an hour away from daylight in the evening and giving it to the morning.

Each year, standard time begins on the first Sunday of November and ends on the second Sunday in March – which will fall on March 13, in 2011.

Named Daylight Savings Time, this was formally started in the US in the early 1900’s, but isn’t followed in Hawaii or Arizona.  If you’re thinking we’re changing our clocks back later in the year, it’s because in 2007, the length of Daylight Savings Time was extended a month in 2007.

In Panama City Beach, our “winter” time brings the dark early, at around 5 pm every day, since we are so close to the eastern time zone.  Winters are warm, here though, with some of the most scenic beach times happening in the months of November, December and January.

Weekend Weather – Frost Alert

This week we had a chance to see the fierce beauty of the beaches during a storm. It will most likely have passed through by the time most weekenders arrive, though it’s been exciting to see the competitors cruising around the course all week here. This weather should be much nicer for the triathletes as they swim the Gulf, bike the county and run the east end of the beach this weekend. On Friday night, Clint Black will be performing under the stars at Pier Park, do bring a nice jacket because there will be a breeze. There’s even more to do and taste this weekend, and the weather will be fall perfect.  You might want a cover up on the sand in the mornings.

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