Hardee’s on the Beach Opens Monday

If you’re a fan of their heart-attack inducing Thickburgers or their delicious breakfast items, crave no more and forget about the long drive.  The first Hardee’s (so far as I know) ever is opening on Panama City Beach on Monday.

Grant it, they’re not some quaint mom-and-pop shop, or some individualistic beach novelty, but they are Hardee’s, and we don’t have one.  And now we will!

So, grab your appetite, head over Monday and pick up a Cinnamon ‘n Raisin Biscuit for breakfast, a tasty Mushroom Swiss Thickburger for lunch, but eat some fresh vegetables for dinner.

The new Hardee’s is located just to the east of the Tom Thumb gas station at the same corner as Lowe’s, right on Panama City Beach Parkway (Back Beach Road).  The nearest major intersection is PCB Parkway and R Jackson Blvd (formally Beckrich).