Hardee’s on the Beach Opens Monday

If you’re a fan of their heart-attack inducing Thickburgers or their delicious breakfast items, crave no more and forget about the long drive.  The first Hardee’s (so far as I know) ever is opening on Panama City Beach on Monday.

Grant it, they’re not some quaint mom-and-pop shop, or some individualistic beach novelty, but they are Hardee’s, and we don’t have one.  And now we will!

So, grab your appetite, head over Monday and pick up a Cinnamon ‘n Raisin Biscuit for breakfast, a tasty Mushroom Swiss Thickburger for lunch, but eat some fresh vegetables for dinner.

The new Hardee’s is located just to the east of the Tom Thumb gas station at the same corner as Lowe’s, right on Panama City Beach Parkway (Back Beach Road).  The nearest major intersection is PCB Parkway and R Jackson Blvd (formally Beckrich).

9 thoughts on “Hardee’s on the Beach Opens Monday

    1. We used to get my mother breakfast at Hardees whenever we came down. It was right across from Aqua Vista…..somewhere near was Miss Gotrox Christmas place. I’d say Hardees was there until 1991.

      I believe there is a youtube video from my uncle circa 1980 where he is driving down front beach road from pier to Fontainebleau. Very interesting. I’ll post link if anyone is interested.


      1. Peter, I would love to watch this if you would be so kind as to post it. I love seeing anything back in the 70’s to 80’s when I was a young gal & viaited PCB.
        PCB has grown in leaps and bounds since that era.
        🙂 Thanks, Cathy/Tennessee


      2. Peter, I would love to watch this if you have time to post it. Anything from the 70’s & 80’s that shows how the beach looked and how it has grown I am interested in. I have numerous photos of the old Georgian Terrace that once was right beside Fountainbleau…… those were the days! hahahaaa
        I will check back for it.
        🙂 Thanks, Cathy/Tennessee


  1. They are kind of hard to watch…..with the bumpy camera, but hopefully you see something that you like. This is how I remember PCB in the 80’s. We always stayed at the Bright Star .


  2. Cathy – I am not ignoring you…..I posted link to youtube days ago and it just says that my post is “awaiting moderation”……not sure if posting links is against the rules….I’ll try to figure out what “search words” you can use on youtube to find it.


  3. After living abroad for the last three years — and not having come back to Panama City Beach but only once… That one time being a recovery from an accident in 2010… I cannot wait to see how it has changed. Coming back the first week of April — staying for two weeks. I cannot wait!!


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