Spring Break, Kids just want something FUN to do!

img_0499Beach Tennis Tournaments for Spring Break

We had the opportunity to introduce a healthy approach to Spring Break 2009 in Panama City Beach this year. We introduced the Beach Tennis USA Association to the area and began to offer active sports on the beach as a way for students to meet others and have fun in competition.  We brought in Pro Tennis players and all of the nets and equipment to set up in front of Sharkys to offer an organized “sport” and play with prizes, t-shirts and most of all FUN.

The play is FREE and we are offering t-shirts to all who play and try the sport. The winners of the tournament have received dinner for two at Sharkys and various tennis related prizes. We have given away tennis racquets as we approached the end of the event to winners who want to continue to play this new sport and have fun.

We have been running tennis tournaments most every day. Two Sundays ago we had 20 teams ( 40 kids) lined up to play at 10:30 a.m.

The students we have met and interviewed just want to come to the white sand beach of Panama City and enjoy the sun and meet others.  Every day we had students who were signing up to play, excited to compete and interested in additional sports and activities that will let them be active and meet others. We had repeat students coming back to compete and win better prizes as the week progresses.

We have met students from all over the world including Australia, United Kingdom, France, Italy and all across the U.S., and they have all been excited to have something active and fun to do at the beach rather than just “drink” all day.

Students are much more concerned about their health and wellness these days than in the past and many of them workout, run and exercise. Yes there is a percentage that come just to drink and get wild but the many students we have met over the past 2 weeks are just here to have some fun.

Many of them do not like the concept of a community who makes money offering them “all you can drink” for a set price at a number of bars. In fact many of them would like to have someplace else to go at night rather than the crowded bars.

Accidents happen when people of any age get out of control. The idea of offering all you can drink to any age group provides the basis for danger and accidents.

Does anyone offer all you can drink healthy drinks or provide a choice for the students to do something else to have fun and meet others?

If you look at the ads from many of the establishments to the colleges in the “Spring Break” guide you will see they promote the idea of sex, drinking and wild parties.

The college atmosphere is changing and students will drink and they do want to have fun but overall they want to do something active to meet others. They are becoming much more concerned about the environment and have innovative ideas to drive change.

If you spend the time on the beach and watch the students and ask them questions they are mostly good kids. They also want to pick up their trash but many times the location of the trash barrels are not convenient.

We know they want to play more sports on the beach and hope to develop further programs and ideas to offer for future Spring Break.  Has anyone ever done any survey with these kids to really determine how to help the community offer new and fun ideas for the kids to meet others and have good clean fun??

It is a shame to have a few kids that go overboard or in the case of our observation we noticed a local who came to the beach asking kids for beers across the beach.  Panama City Beach has an opportunity to work with the students who help make this community profitable and better understand how to change and offer new and innovative ideas to give them fun ways to meet others and the ability to “drink” responsibly.

If we think about it the spring breakers are just our “own kids” trying to become the star in their own lives.  We just need to ask a little more in words and our actions because we need each other and can help make this work if we just listen and learn to engage the students and kids with their ideas.

AVP Press Conference – 2009 AVP Crocs Pro Beach Volleyball Touney

Tuesday March 10th, AVP (stands for Association of Volleyball Players for you cheeky ones) will be holding a press conference announcing its first-ever Spring Break event, the 2009 AVP Crocs Tour Panama City Open, as well as its exciting new partnership with Seahaven and Sharky’s Beachfront Resturant.  A light lunch will be provided.

Attending will be top VP athlete Nick Lucena. In 2008, Lucena and partner Sean Scott finished the season as one of the Tour’s highest-ranked teams. He is a Florida native and played volleyball collegiately at Florida State University. He will be competing in the 2009 Panama City Beach Open.

“We are excited to bring the AVP to Spring Break for the very first time,” said Leonard Armato, CEO and Commissioner of AVP Pro Beach Volleyball. “The biggest beach party in the country is the perfect atmosphere in which to kick off our 2009 season.” – A recent press release.

The press conference will be held at Origin in The Towne of Seahaven at 12 noon on the Observation Deck.  I’m not sure if they mean the 15th floor observation deck, and if so, which side, but I would assume the “public” side.  Either way, however, I’m sure the person at the front desk will know where to direct you.

I should be there.

PCB Sand Sports Offers Free Introduction to Beach Tennis

PCB Sand Sports in partnership with Beach Tennis USA will be hosting the first annual Sharkys Beach Tennis Doubles on Saturday March 14th.

This is a FREE tournament to introduce the sport of Beach Tennis to the community and provide local FUN between the Spring Break week.
Did we say Free! Yes this is a benefit to the locals to come out and play during the transition day of Spring Break and have some fun.
If you currently play Tennis or have never played any Tennis at all come out and try it at Sharkys on the Beach.

Registration will begin at 10:30 a.m. and play will begin at 11:00. The first 16 teams to register will receive a “free” Beach Tennis t-shirt.
The tournament will be double elimination or pool play depending on the number of teams as we begin to promote and introduce this “new fun” sport to the community.
We are going to provide the first place team with a dinner for two coupon to Sharkys.

Come out and watch the Beach Tennis tournaments through March 18th daily to see the College vs. College competition.
Or just come out to pick up a few tips from the Pros since leagues will begin at Sharkys In May for Beach Tennis.

This is a great family sport and is growing rapidly worldwide.

For more information email beachresearch@yahoo.com or call 850-769-4802.

Beach Tennis is Here

Beach Tennis is here, along with the pros to help you figure out how to do it.  Behind Sharky’s Beach Club two beach tennis courts are set up with a station to “rent” the racquet from along with deflated tennis balls.  Rent is free and equipment is provided by sponsors and is actually quite nice.

The concept behind beach tennis is to provide a fun beach-oriented sport that is easy on the knees and cinch to learn.

Here are the rules:

  • Court dimensions are 30 by 60 feet with the net at a height of 5’10”.
  • Beach tennis is only played in the doubles format, no singles.
  • Scoring is 15 – 30 – 40 with no-advantage.
  • At deuce, receiving team chooses which player will receive the serve.
  • Only one hit per side.  Unlike volleyball, no setting up your partner for the kill.
  • Only one serve allowed per point.  If the serve hits the net, goes over and lands in bounds a “let” (do over) will be played.  If the serve hits the net, goes over and lands out of bounds the serving team loses the point.
  • Serves must go cross-court.
  • Players change ends at odd game totals.
  • Touching the net in any way or breaking the plane of the net – that is, reaching over the net with your racquet, even on the follow through – will result in a loss of the point.
  • Each match consists of one eight-game pro set.  The match must be won by two games (e.g. 9-7).  If the match score is tied at 8-8, a 12-point tennis tiebreaker (first team to 7 points wins) will be played to determine the winner.
  • A ball that strikes the line is considered in bounds.

If you want to play, it is free for anyone and everyone.  You should get out there and put your skills to the test.

PCB Sand Sports Teams up with AVP for Beach Volleyball

021909_avp_logoPCB Sand Sports in partnership with AVPNext, the grassroots program of the Association of Volleyball Professionals will be developing a Beach Volleyball league and series sponsored by Barefoot Wine to launch at Sharkys the week of May 11th, 2009. The leagues will begin at 6 p.m. on Wednesday nights for men’s doubles and Friday evening for women’s doubles.

The leagues will run for 8 weeks and offer both the men and women’s winners a prize of $1000 in cash along with airfare and entry into competition for the “first ever” Barefoot Cup Championship in Hermosa Beach, CA. The top 16 teams from across the U.S. will compete in Hermosa Beach to represent their area.

Sharkys and Seahaven are partners with PCB Sand Sports to bring the “fun” of beach sports directly to Panama City Beach with programs, events and activities to showcase the white sand and ambience of the area. Roman Reese founder of PCB Sand Sports and Director of Nashville Beach Volleyball has been involved in volleyball for more than 20 years.

He has been a major influencer to develop the long standing Fud’s 4-Person Tournament that is located in the Destin, Ft. Walton area that has grown from 17 teams to more than 250 teams with a waiting list to play. This tournament is now a “regular” vacation for the players who began to come in the beginning and developed the event into a “memorable” tournament to meet friends and reconnect with players across the country.

The AVP Pro Tour will be hosting their first Tour Stop in Panama City Beach in front of Sharkys the weekend of March 28th-29th and will showcase some of the top players in both men and women’s categories to kick off the focus Panama City Beach has to bring FUN beach sports to the area. We hope to see the local community come out to meet the Pros.

PCB Sand Sports and Seahaven will be working closely with Bay Area Sports Association a non-profit focused to support sports programs for the local kids to set up visits with the Pros to promote beach volleyball.

PCB Sand Sports is also coordinating additional leagues for Sharkys to provide Co-Ed 4’s on Tuesday nights and Co-Ed 6’s on Thursdays. For more information on the leagues and beach volleyball events and activities contact Roman Reese @ beachresearch@yahoo.com

More Info on Pro Volleyball Coming to PCB

The AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour will kick off its 2009 season in a unique fashion; the Tour is holding its first-ever Spring Break event in Panama City Beach, Fla., March 27-29. The event will feature the world’s best beach volleyball players, including 2008 Olympic gold medalists Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers, battling it out on the sand amidst the excitement of Spring Break.

Panama City Beach plays host to hundreds of thousands of college students each year, who descend on the Florida coast to soak up the surf and sand, and party on the beach. While the main event of AVP’s Spring Break will be the AVP Crocs Tour Panama City Beach Open, taking place March 27-29, the AVP will head to Panama Beach City on March 7 to start its three-week Spring Break experience.

“We are excited to bring the AVP to Spring Break for the very first time,” said Leonard Armato, CEO and Commissioner of AVP Pro Beach Volleyball. “The biggest beach party in the country is the perfect atmosphere in which to kick off our 2009 season.”

The finale of the AVP’s Spring Break in Panama City Beach will come as the AVP Crocs Tour Panama City Beach Open. A one-day qualifier will begin on Friday morning, March 27, followed by a live band in the evening. Men’s and women’s Main Draw action will start on Saturday morning with both men’s and women’s finals planned for Sunday afternoon.  AVP specifically chose the last weekend of March for their tournament because it is both the final weekend of collegiate Spring Break and the first weekend of “family spring break”.  The event will be a fun party for all ages.

Prior to the competition, the first two weeks of Spring Break will include numerous promotions and events geared towards Spring Breakers. The third week of the AVP’s Spring Break event will start off with the first-ever Collegiate Beach Challenge. Starting on Tuesday, March 24, college students from across the country will have the chance to participate in a two-day four-on-four beach volleyball tournament. There will be men’s, women’s and coed divisions competing for cash prizes.

The AVP Crocs Tour event will take place directly behind Sharky’s Beach Front Restaurant & Tiki Bar, located in the heart of Panama City Beach at The Towne of Seahaven. In an attempt to revert back to the sport’s beginnings, six of the courts will be set up in “old school” style. This set-up will include minimal bleacher seating, allowing plenty of room for beachgoers to throw down their towels and fully enjoy the beach party atmosphere of Spring Break.

About AVP, Inc.:
AVP, Inc. is a leading lifestyle sports entertainment company focused on the production, marketing and distribution of professional beach volleyball events worldwide. One of the fastest growing entities in the sports world, the AVP operates two of the industry’s most prominent national outdoor touring series, the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour (1983) and the AVP Hot Winter Nights Indoor Tour (launched in 2008). The AVP is set to stage more than 35 events throughout the United States in 2009 and features more than 150 of the top men and women competitors in the sport. AVP athletes won both the women’s and men’s gold medals at the 2008 Games in Beijing, marking the first gold medal sweep by a single country in the history of Olympic Beach Volleyball. AVP is headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif. For more information, please visit http://www.avp.com.

Seahaven Auction at Origin

WHAT:    The auction of 29 large and beautifully-designed waterfront condominiums directly on the Gulf of Mexico.

WHERE:    Panama City Beach, FL

WHEN:    Saturday, December 13th.  Registration begins at 10:00 a.m.; the auction at 1:00 p.m.

WHO:    The auction will be conducted by The National Auction Group, Inc. (nationalauctiongroup.com) of Gadsden, Alabama, one of the country’s top commercial and trophy property auctioneers.

The 17-story Origin at Seahaven community is brand new and located near Pier Park.     Waterfront views are tantalizing and are close to the most popular beach restaurants,     attractions and night spots.  All are crafted from the finest materials and with painstaking     attention to the smallest details. The wide array of offerings includes studio units as well     as spacious one, two and three bedroom units, and one four-bedroom penthouse condo.     All have to be seen to fully appreciate.

The Origin tower is one of the first phases of the carefully planned Towne of Seahaven,     a 53-acre pedestrian village with 1,400 +/- feet directly on the Gulf of Mexico. Expected     facets include hotels, homes, a town hall and a Main Street marketplace, an events plaza     and a water park. In other words, the value of the luxurious condos will surely escalate     over the next few years.

All of the condos feature attractive African mahogany two-panel doors; kitchens with     Whirlpool appliances, granite and porcelain countertops and custom cabinets; ceiling fans     in both the living areas and master bedrooms and washers and dryers in the two-bedroom     and larger units. Included in the purchase are electronics, linens, window treatments,     kitchenware, accessories and high speed internet access.

Bidders will be required to bring $7,500 in personal check, business check or certified     funds to bid on the studio units; $10,000 for the one-bedroom units; $12,500 for the two-    bedroom condos; $15,000 for the three-bedroom units and $20,000 for the four-bedroom     penthouse condos.  Closing will be within 30 days. The auctions will take place at Origin at     Seahaven which is at 15100 Front Beach Road.

Directions:   From Panama City, follow Highway 98 to south on Highway 79. Turn left on Front Beach Road.  Drive 1.7 miles to property on left at 15100 Front Beach Road.

Panama City Beach Needs more Branded Hotels

Kaoru Chikushi from HVS International wrote a piece on Panama City Beach that was published on HospitalityNet.org titled The Need for More Branded Hotels in Panama City Beach, Florida.

You should read it, but I’ll summarize it here.

Chikushi estimates that approximately 7 million visit Panama City Beach each year with around 250,000 spring breakers and 15,000 “snowbirds”. Again, not sure where the numbers came from, but 250,000 sounds much more realistic that the “millions” others in the media tout.

I was glad to see Chikushi references Panama City Beach as “once known as the Redneck Riviera” and describes our area as being in an “era of transformation.” Signaled by the new airport and Pier Park, she finds justification in Panama City being named the #1 place to own real estate in the next 5 years (the Business 2.0 article).

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Have Panama City Beach Condos Hit Bottom Yet? Probably Not.

From www.condosaletrends.com

Jason’s April 12, 2008 article titled “Have We Hit Bottom Yet?” implies that because there are no negative newspaper stories concerning the current real estate market, that we must be nearing the bottom. Jason quotes NAR chief economist, Lawrence Yum predicting “Notable Improvement” in 2008. I have been following Yum’s analyses and predictions from the months leading up to the top of the real estate bubble (mid to late 2005) up to his latest prediction. The thing that stands out about Yum’s analyses is that he has been 100% wrong on every prediction. We all want to believe that the bottom of this market cycle is near.

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