Beach Tennis is Here

Beach Tennis is here, along with the pros to help you figure out how to do it.  Behind Sharky’s Beach Club two beach tennis courts are set up with a station to “rent” the racquet from along with deflated tennis balls.  Rent is free and equipment is provided by sponsors and is actually quite nice.

The concept behind beach tennis is to provide a fun beach-oriented sport that is easy on the knees and cinch to learn.

Here are the rules:

  • Court dimensions are 30 by 60 feet with the net at a height of 5’10”.
  • Beach tennis is only played in the doubles format, no singles.
  • Scoring is 15 – 30 – 40 with no-advantage.
  • At deuce, receiving team chooses which player will receive the serve.
  • Only one hit per side.  Unlike volleyball, no setting up your partner for the kill.
  • Only one serve allowed per point.  If the serve hits the net, goes over and lands in bounds a “let” (do over) will be played.  If the serve hits the net, goes over and lands out of bounds the serving team loses the point.
  • Serves must go cross-court.
  • Players change ends at odd game totals.
  • Touching the net in any way or breaking the plane of the net – that is, reaching over the net with your racquet, even on the follow through – will result in a loss of the point.
  • Each match consists of one eight-game pro set.  The match must be won by two games (e.g. 9-7).  If the match score is tied at 8-8, a 12-point tennis tiebreaker (first team to 7 points wins) will be played to determine the winner.
  • A ball that strikes the line is considered in bounds.

If you want to play, it is free for anyone and everyone.  You should get out there and put your skills to the test.

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