TDC Meeting, Spring Break, Swordfish & Snowbirds

Jan 11th’s TDC meeting offered an eclectic mix of information.

Starting with the Vice-President of the Canadian Snowbirds, Nancy Hopcraft,  who caught my attention with the mention of the ‘Birds working on a potential “Retiree Visa” allowing those who qualify an opportunity to spend more time in Panama City Beach (or anywhere in the Nation).  It’s a wonderful idea, and one that’s sure to bring about an economic boost but we’re looking at least 2 years, before hearing any final words.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-28

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-21

  • stay tuned for the billfish final results and timelapse video on! #
  • Bay point billfish video in panama city beach #
  • no weigh-in blue marlin caught, although a couple white marlin video’s were turned in. #
  • bay point billfish panama city beach winners: tuna peter bos 119.5, wahoo grant nicholson 33, dolphin August Redding 32.1 #
  • Just heard someones bringing on 100ls tuna battery is dead. Signing off! #
  • Tounament director Scott Burt just told me that this is only the third time in the history of the event that they’ve closed. #
  • Tons of people at bay point billfish. panama city beach. #
  • @jerryeyler I’m shooting timelapse. I’ll be up on the front in a min and tweet one. in reply to jerryeyler #
  • They just annouced that they cannot fit any more people in the bay point marina area. #
  • 50+lbs tuna bay point billfish. Panama city beach. #
  • I’m in at the bay point billfish invitational in panama city beach. #
  • Let’s see if my trusty media pass gets me in tonight. #
  • @SamanthaBA #harrypotter couldn’t agree more. Always disappointed with the parts they choose to leave out. in reply to SamanthaBA #
  • Heading up to the bay point billfish tourney in panama city beach. #
  • for Panama City Beach news and information about real estate, growth, and tourism. #
  • @tracej billfish at the bay point marina. Huge party there. in reply to tracej #
  • Boats leaving now at the bay point billfish invitational in panama city beach. #
  • I’m at Hatteras Ln & Marriott Dr, Upper Grand Lagoon, FL , United States – #
  • Crowds are heavy at the bay point billfish invitational in panama city beach. #
  • Shooting timelapse at the bay point billfish invitational on panama city beach. #
  • Shooting timelapse at the bay point billfish invitational in panama city beach. #
  • @E_Wall RT @NationalDebt $11,579,428,713,952.53 whoa! thanks obama for your enthusiastic contribution! in reply to E_Wall #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-14

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-07

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-30

  • rt @thebeachshow Sneak Peek tomorrow’s show: Steal in Wild Heron $152/ft, house ON THE BEACH (50ft) for $850k, Gulffront condo $210/ft #
  • A break from the cloudy weather? #
  • Rt @seepcb You can’t believe how amazingly comfortable and beautiful our it is tonight. @pierpark #
  • I’m at Veterans Memorial Park – #
  • Rt @seepcb at a mid summer nights dream in @pierpark panama city beach #
  • rt @pierpark dude. Neville’s rockin it out. #
  • how’s the sunset going to be tonight? I’ll tell you in a few. Neville is rocking. #
  • Rt @pierpark Shooting timelapse at the concerts in the park at pier park. Cyrille Neville tonight. #
  • 14 things to know about the future development of the existing airport site. Tommorrow. #
  • the goal is to keep the development as walkable as possible. It’s a little more than 1 square mile. #
  • there will be plenty of access with 8 roads feeding into the development. #
  • the new development may have up to 3200 units. 60% detached single fam 40% multi family. #
  • should o have to pay for parking web coming to an open house at the airport? #
  • Going up to the existing airport site for an open house. Supposed to find out what the future holds for it. Stay tuned. #
  • Washington County rep said, “we can’t go out and have a drink because there are no restaurants that serve alcohol. That’s just insane. #
  • Washington County has no major restaurants or lodging. Entreprenuers take note. #
  • Jimmy and Johnny Patronis to be elected into FRLA Hall of Fame. Cool. #
  • Beyond taxi cabs, we might need a plan to get people off the planes and into PCB rather than Walton Cnty. #
  • Conversations have veered to airport talk. The consensus is that PCB is not ready. #
  • Did you know in order for a cab to pick you up at a airport he must be certified to do so? #
  • Cab drivers really need hospitality training. Nothing is worse than getting off a plane and the first person you meet is a smelly cab driver #
  • Paul Walford (sp) talking airport transportation. We need better ground transportation. #
  • Hotel and Condo staff need training as well. #
  • Lots of training services provided for restaurants but nothing for hospitality service training. #
  • Didn’t realize how slight bed tax increases truly effect the restaurant and lodging communities. #
  • Meeting called to order by Matt Griffits. #
  • At the newly opened Palms Conference Center for the FRLA meeting. Should be interesting. #
  • another teeser. For 125 a foot. Newer home. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-23

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-16

  • heading up to thomas donuts with wifey and one kiddy. #
  • mmmm, eating this German Pancake thingy that my wife made…. mmm, so good. #
  • Blog Post 5 Extreme Father’s Day Ideas on Panama City Beach: Happy Father’s Day
    1. Kayak Fishing .. (via @seepcb) #
  • RT @pierpark we’re getting ready to go up to #Pier Park to see all the cool cars. pictures coming soon! #
  • Support our friends, BetsyAnn Riverboat #
  • Don’t forget to stop by the big top treats airstream trailer tonight in pier park. They open tonight for the first time #
  • Man its hot. #
  • Tons of people out at the summer concert series at pier park – Photo: #
  • Already loves computers. At 6 mos old. That’s my boy! – Photo: #
  • Sneak peek new airstream snack shack at pier park – Photo: #
  • Jason at the end ofnthe new pier. #
  • Cebo and I on the new pier in panama city beach – Photo: #
  • Going out onto the new pier. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-09

  • @divaprod I agree, it sounds a bit stunt-ish but overall, I think a fall in love campaign will benefit that wedding market in PCB. in reply to divaprod #
  • Everyone on the board agrees with the “Fall In Love Again” theme. #
  • @divaprod actually they have talked wedding. Even Buddy Wilkes said something about having the worlds largest vow renewal. in reply to divaprod #
  • @Sunjammers hey brad, if there was a couples theme, could eco-tourism be a draw? in reply to Sunjammers #
  • @StefBarron Can you imagine running that theme and adding weekly events throughout the season. That is a recipe for success. in reply to StefBarron #
  • @lou1492 it’s amazing that this has not been used before? It can be run all the way to Valentines day. in reply to lou1492 #
  • Fall in love, again with Panama City Beach, sounds like a good and easily applicable theme. #
  • Flash Sales are huge sales that go to people who are within a database that happen over a short period of time. Kind of like “1 day only” #
  • Affordability of travel is up 97%. #
  • Anyone ever heard of Flash Sales? Apparently it’s a people are traveling again? #
  • “Fall…In Love” theme lends very well to selling rooms, I think. Easy to promote also. #
  • Y Partnership really hitting on the couples market. What do you think of the “Fall In…Love” theme? #
  • Apparently 6/10 people travel with spouse and do so in the fall. So should we suggest a couple’s market? #
  • @StefBarron Glad to help…and glad your listening. in reply to StefBarron #
  • Y Partnership starting their presentation. #
  • Is it me or is the word “niche” ambiguous? #
  • @StefBarron I hope that works out. It would be a blast. in reply to StefBarron #
  • Third comment on the commercial prefaced by “it’s a beautiful commercial, but…” #
  • 17 weeks for fall and winter with an event every other week. #
  • You pitch the season by creating micro events tied into one theme. Sounds good. #
  • The fall is filled with opportunties. Pier Park is in for being a venue for these events. #
  • Weekend street fairs? At Pier Park? Will that work? #
  • There are no answers yet, but the question is how to create a compelling invitation to potential tourists. #
  • Is the core market for fall just an extension of the summer tourist? #
  • Discussions about fort waltons fall marketing. #
  • Talk has steered towards trying to distinguish fall from winter. Jack Bishop encouraged the dialog. #
  • Let’s talk fall marketing. #
  • At the Tdc meeting. #
  • @cebocampbell you’ll just barely make it. but the real question is whether I can make it. in reply to cebocampbell #
  • I know they said it was a slow week, but pier park is jam packed. #
  • Its really cleared up. Go outside for a stellar sunset in just a little bit. #
  • Skies are looking great, concerts in the park at pier park is a go! #
  • @lou1492 better. These form based design regulations should benefit the city and incentivize future developments. in reply to lou1492 #
  • Many of these potential regulations could change PCB. #
  • Who knew there were so many different frontages in development? #
  • Lots of frustrated comments on lack of views because of new buildings and phasing of front beach rd developments. #
  • Lots of people here discussing previous public comments such as building hieghts and design. #
  • At the builders workshop discussing future Panama City Beach developments. #
  • Clouds looking nasty to the west, but I can see blue skies to the east. #
  • going to see my buddies at Edgewater Beach Resort! #
  • RT @BayTownTrolley:Can you feel it? 1 day 15 hours 40 minutes. #
  • RT @toocreative:do you use a mac? check this out. pretty cool! #
  • raining this morning, supposed to rain all day, concerts in the park at pier park tonight? I hope. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-02

  • #musicmonday foo fighters. good stuff. #
  • #clothdiapers ew, can you picture one full to the brim? “awhhggh, it got all over my new white pants.” #
  • Don’t forget to take the pcbdaily survey: #
  • @SplashResort totally agree #
  • #pcb #pcbtdc approved jbinc proposal and network broadcast #
  • #pcb #pcbtdc some guy said you can’t track tv ads but yu can and it’s easy. Ask me how ? #
  • #pcb #pcbtdc they ate saying that the traffic on the new site is 3 times greater, but they don’t know were it’s from. #
  • #pcb #pcbtdc says we are seeing a lot of traffic from new york. Ny is in top 5 for pcbdaily too! #
  • #pcb #pcbtdc talking about spending 25k onto producing an infomercial. #
  • #pcbtdc #pcb patronis reccomends giving jbinc proposal a shot. #
  • @JustVerve I’ll take a look at this later. Very interested. in reply to JustVerve #
  • #pcbdc dan Rowe reccomends jbi Inc proposal and local broadcast tv commercials #
  • #pcbtdc We are here. Total set to spend is 475k #
  • #pcbtdc going into the tdc meeting. Talking about summer marketing campaign today. #
  • Holy macaroni its a beautiful dau. Don’t forget to follow our #pcbtdc tweets today #
  • for updates on the text2twitter thing I’m at, follow @toocreative #
  • School’s out for Summer! #