Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-30

  • rt @thebeachshow Sneak Peek tomorrow’s show: Steal in Wild Heron $152/ft, house ON THE BEACH (50ft) for $850k, Gulffront condo $210/ft #
  • A break from the cloudy weather? #
  • Rt @seepcb You can’t believe how amazingly comfortable and beautiful our it is tonight. @pierpark #
  • I’m at Veterans Memorial Park – #
  • Rt @seepcb at a mid summer nights dream in @pierpark panama city beach #
  • rt @pierpark dude. Neville’s rockin it out. #
  • how’s the sunset going to be tonight? I’ll tell you in a few. Neville is rocking. #
  • Rt @pierpark Shooting timelapse at the concerts in the park at pier park. Cyrille Neville tonight. #
  • 14 things to know about the future development of the existing airport site. Tommorrow. #
  • the goal is to keep the development as walkable as possible. It’s a little more than 1 square mile. #
  • there will be plenty of access with 8 roads feeding into the development. #
  • the new development may have up to 3200 units. 60% detached single fam 40% multi family. #
  • should o have to pay for parking web coming to an open house at the airport? #
  • Going up to the existing airport site for an open house. Supposed to find out what the future holds for it. Stay tuned. #
  • Washington County rep said, “we can’t go out and have a drink because there are no restaurants that serve alcohol. That’s just insane. #
  • Washington County has no major restaurants or lodging. Entreprenuers take note. #
  • Jimmy and Johnny Patronis to be elected into FRLA Hall of Fame. Cool. #
  • Beyond taxi cabs, we might need a plan to get people off the planes and into PCB rather than Walton Cnty. #
  • Conversations have veered to airport talk. The consensus is that PCB is not ready. #
  • Did you know in order for a cab to pick you up at a airport he must be certified to do so? #
  • Cab drivers really need hospitality training. Nothing is worse than getting off a plane and the first person you meet is a smelly cab driver #
  • Paul Walford (sp) talking airport transportation. We need better ground transportation. #
  • Hotel and Condo staff need training as well. #
  • Lots of training services provided for restaurants but nothing for hospitality service training. #
  • Didn’t realize how slight bed tax increases truly effect the restaurant and lodging communities. #
  • Meeting called to order by Matt Griffits. #
  • At the newly opened Palms Conference Center for the FRLA meeting. Should be interesting. #
  • another teeser. For 125 a foot. Newer home. #

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