New developments on Thomas Drive

I don’t drive down Thomas Drive very often, but when I did the other day I was quite pleasantly surprised to find a new development area has been moving along quickly.

Directly across from the Navy base a new development named Coastal Palms has all-of-a-sudden come to life. The developer built a La Quinta Inn that opened I think last year, but it may have been open longer. Various out-parcels have been sold and a Brewster’s Ice Cream and Burger King have recently opened.

Click the “more” link for more pictures.

There is a sign up for Quiznos and Donut Island and I also confirmed today that Hooters will be opening a location there as well.Eventually, I was told, there will be a residential development in the back. I always thought this location was great, because it is the first thing the Navy guys see when they come to our area, and it is one of the first places they will go when they want some food/ice cream/hotel.

Down the street at the intersection of Thomas Drive and Magnolia Beach Road (the road that takes you to Bay Point) the strip center that used to have the Delchamps has been completely redone. Publix is going in there and is almost complete and all of the store fronts were completely redone. They were painting the lines in the parking lot when I was there yesterday.

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