Pier Park – Margaritaville Grand Opening in Panama City Beach (video)

Today was the grand opening of Margaritaville in Pier Park in Panama City Beach. This location is the only one in the Panhandle and has been highly anticipated, I can’t wait to eat there. Inside, there is a boat with fake scuba tanks lining the railings (like you’d see on a dive boat), a plane hanging from the ceiling, huge sails hanging from the walls with Jimmy Buffett concerts projected on them and flat screen TV’s all over with more Jimmy Buffett.

Click the “more” link for the video, and more pictures.

[revver 725569]

In addition to Jimmy Buffetts Margaritaville, Dillard’s had their grand opening today giving away prizes and having a huge sale. JCPenneys is “soft” opened right now with their grand opening this weekend along with several other stores including Southern Waters Outfitters, Smoothie King, Trader Tom’s and ULTA Beauty.

After this weekend, there will be almost 40 stores opened in Pier Park.

5 thoughts on “Pier Park – Margaritaville Grand Opening in Panama City Beach (video)

  1. Glad to see this nice addition to Pier Park. My wife Jane and I had dinner two weeks ago at the Margaritaville restaurant in Las Vegas. Based on the photos that Jason has posted, the interior decor of our new restaruant in Pier Park is very similar to the Las Vegas location.
    This restaurant should do very well in Pier Park. Jimmy Buffet always provides a fun and realxing atmosphere for his guest. I am looking forward to enjoying many fine cheeseburgers and margarittas in Paradise at Pier Park this year.
    Keep the positive growth coming PCB !!!



  2. I was so disappointed in this place. Sure it was the first week of their grand opening but the lack of planning that was behind the ordering was inexcusable. I ordered a margarita (of course ) and rightfully wanted a 20 ounce souvenir glass to take home with me. They were out and what was worse they sold them in their store ,attached to the restaurant, and couldn’t get one from there because the inventory was “separate” than theirs. I not only was going to purchase myself one but bring another for a gift back home. I wasn’t their on spring break. Nor would I recommend going there at that time of year either but a grand opening during said time of year would lead anyone to believe that inventory would be in full stock. Hmm… it was rather disappointing being the name of the place and the guy from whom it developed carries a higher standard than the restaurant itself.


  3. I really like Margaritiville. Since I live in the area, I go often, and take all my company. To bad they have a really awful server there, that I got on Saturday afternoon Aug. 8,2009. Debbie, the server made the experience a bad one for me, and my guests. I hope the restaurant lets her go, so I can enjoy one of the nicest places in town to eat!


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