New Tennis Courts in Frank Brown Park

Yesterday was the ribbon cutting for the 4 new tennis courts in Frank Brown Park located behind the facilities building on the north side of the park property. According to Mayor Gayle Oberst, these are the first tennis courts they’ve built in 30 years.

The construction of the new courts began in late November and cost around $290,000 mostly from impact fees. The old courts will be converted into two lighted outdoor basketball courts to supplement the indoor courts.

The new courts are open from 7am to 9pm everyday. They are working on a reservation system for those that may need use of the courts after hours or if they courts get too busy.

The public grand opening will be April 12, 2008 with a small celebration and give-aways and will be held with the help of the Bay County Tennis Association.

4 thoughts on “New Tennis Courts in Frank Brown Park

  1. I think this is great! Some friends and I have started playing tennis a few times a week and the old Courts at Frank Brown were certainly hard to play on due to cracks, poor lighting, etc… I do wish the new courts would stay open to around 11pm.


  2. Yes, actually they will be converting the old tennis courts to two full size basketball courts. I was not given an estimated completion date.


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