Boys and Girls Club Needs Your Help



We all have our gifts to share and if yours happens to be working with kids, the Boys and Girls Club of Bay County needs your help.

The Youth Basketball League is registering players right now and they are short coaches!!!!  

If you have a gift of working with children, i.e you can motivate them, have fun with them and ENJOY working with them…..Boys and Girls Clubs needs your help.  And if you happen to know something about basketball, well that is a BONUS!  Intimate knowledge of basketball or coaching is not as important as a desire to use a physical sport as a vehicle for positive self esteem.

Who do you know that can get kids moving and having fun using a sport?  Man, woman, young or old, college student, retired teacher, the youth leader at church,….who do you know?

Please keep in mind, this volunteer position would require a time commitment of 2 to 3 hours during season and would require the person to be at least 18 years of age and a background check so all the Boys and Girls Clubs normal safety protocols are followed.

The Boys and Girls Club is an after care program that provides a safe place for kids to go after school and during the summer so parents can go to work with peace of mind.  In addition to providing affordable child care, the club provides enrichment activities, time for homework and FREE recreational co-ed sports such as street hockey and basketball.

Currently in Bay County there are three locations: C.C & Vivian Moore in St. Andrews (850-763-3546), The Chapman Unit in Millville (850-785-2747) and the Frank Brown Beach Unit just east of Hwy 79 on Panama City Beach.  (850-236-3030)

Not only do all three locations offer sports programs to members for FREE, the programs are open to non-members as well.

As street hockey winds down, Basketball is starting with registration open until October 25th.  The basketball league provides a positive outlet for co-ed students ages 7 to 16 years old and normally involves a time commitment of a couple hours a week.  It is a no pressure commitment with beginners always welcome.

Basketball practice begins November 4th with games beginning December 12th with a break for winter recess when school is out of session for the holidays.

As a parent who has tried out many solutions for after care, I can say so far the Boys and Girls Club has been the most positive program for my child.  For the first time ever, he is showing an interest in team sports.   He even wants to play basketball and he has never held a basketball in his life, that I am aware!  So his desire to play is a testament to the kind of encouraging environment their staff and volunteers create in this program.

About a month ago during a street hockey game, my son Jack (he attends the Frank Brown club) kept looking at me during his game and smiling.  I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for this program, it was hard to hold back the tears.  My fervent hope is that right people and resources will continue to bless Boys and Girls Club so they continue with their mission that touches so many lives.

If you or someone you know might have interest in one of the volunteer coach positions or perhaps your business might want to help with supplies or sponsor a team, please email Ryan Roberts at or call him at the Frank Brown Unit at 850-236-3030.

You can also see what the club is up to by visiting their FACEBOOK page.


Frank Brown Park Playground gets New Surface

In what was a badly pitted, scared and bruised playground surface, the Frank Brown Park Playground safety surface has finally been replaced.  When they first opened the playground in 2000, it was celebrated and welcomed.  Over the years it’s been heavily used, and I for one have been there like a million times.

What’s new

You may remember how battered the previous safety surface was.  Well, that’s gone and a new one has been installed.  And it looks beautiful.  The material is padded and protects against falls and injury.

The old one looked patched and dingy, but the new one looks cohesive and has that new padded-surface-smell.

They also replaced the fencing around the outside of the playground and replaced the table tops for the picnic benches.

The refurbished park should be open on Friday!

Cruzin’ the Emerald Coast

Gather your friends and family for some fun November 10th-12th; hot rods, cruzers, classic cars and trucks, and more make their way to Panama City Beach!  Frank Brown Park (across from Pier Park) will be lined with over 3,000 classic and custom cars for this year’s Emerald Coast Cruzin’.  Among the cars lining the park will be vendors of car memorabilia, parts, ladies wear, a kids corner, and more.  There is sure to be something their for every car aficionado and their family members.

In addition to the car show, there will also be parades, concerts from T Graham Brown and TG Sheppard, and more- to ensure fun for everyone attending.  The best part?  100% of ticket sales go to The Boys and Girls Club of Bay County.   Cost for entry is $10.00 per person (including parking and auction), $25.00 for a 3 day pass, and children under 12 are free.

Schedule of Events

Thursday, November 10th

8:00am-5:00pm: Vehicle Registration at Sharky’s

8:00am-5:00pm: Show and Shine at Frank Brown Park

9:00am-4:00pm: Vehicle Auction Registration at Frank Brown Park

5:30pm: Burn-out Competition at Hammerhead Fred’s

6:00pm: Live Entertainment from 345 Express at the Sandpiper Beacon Tiki Bar

Friday, November 11th

8:00am-5:00pm: Vehicle Registration at Sharky’s

8:00am-5:00pm: Show and Shine at Frank Brown Park

9:00am-4:00pm: Vehicle Auction Registration at Frank Brown Park

4:30pm: Parade through Pier Park (beginning at Dillards and ending at Sharky’s)

5:30pm: Beach Blast Concert with Jimmy Dale, Bobby Parish, and The Cadillacs Band ($5.00 to registered participants)

Saturday, November 12th

8:00am-5:00pm: Vehicle Registration at Sharky’s

8:00am-5:00pm: Show and Shine at Frank Brown Park

9:00am: Vehicle Auction Begins at Frank Brown Park

4:00pm: Awards Announcement (must be present to win)

6:00pm: Lineup Show (Starts at 7pm) and Flame Throwing Contest at Pineapple Willies


Have fun enjoying these amazing classic cars and hot rods!


Panama City Beach Christmas Tree Lighting

Ring in the holiday season with the annual Panama City Beach Christmas tree lighting celebration.  This annual event is held at Frank Brown Park, and this year marks the 31st year Panama City Beach has been doing this.

Every year we attend, and every year we meet you and others and take part in having fun as a community. Every year local churches and schools provide refreshments and entertainment is provided by local school choirs.

Come picture ready and ready to tell Santa what you’re wanting for Christmas, kids.  Santa will be out for pictures all evening.

The event starts at 6:30 pm and is at the Frank Brown Park Community Center in Panama City Beach.  For more information, you can call 850-233-5045.

Free Ticket Giveaway!

Next weekend’s HUGE event is the Emerald Coast Cruizin’ Classic Car Show. Frank Brown Park will be filled to the brim with sweet shiny show cars ranging from rat-rods to glossy polished hot-rod school buses.  Last year’s event had cars stretching from one end to another in an endless sea of machismo.  This year’s event looks to be even more promising with thousands of cars in attendance.

And just for you, we have a free ticket giveaway!! There will be 4 winners, each winner getting 5 tickets each. Contest starts today and ends on Friday, November 5th at 5 p.m.

PCBDaily is really excited about this event and getting you in free!

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Emerald Coast Cruizin's Expectin 4,000 Cars, Perfect Weather PICTURES

After a lousy three days, this morning awoke with a perfectly deep blue sky speckled with cute, fluffy white clouds and the sound of chunky V-8’s rumbling down Back Beach Road on their way to register for this weekends Emerald Coast Cruizin Classic Car Show.  Held in Frank Brown Park in Panama City Beach, this is the fifth year that Emerald Coast Cruizin has come to our beach, and myself as well has thousands from all over the Southeast United States are glad to have perfect weather on the forecast for the rest of the weekend.

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Frank Brown Park's Muddy Problem Could Be Everyone's Problem

Back in August, Bay County Sheriff’s Office put together an exciting and successful rodeo held on Frank Brown Park’s festive grounds. In order to have this event, an agreement was reached with the city manager to till a large space of grass to create enough dirt to handle the show and after the rodeo the area would be sprigged for grass to grow back. For the event, the dirt worked beautifully, and everything ran smooth. But, over a month after the event, grass has not grown over that perfect patch of dirt and what remains is a big, muddy problem for future events.

As it stands, the large space that was tilled prior to the event to make way for dirt is still, well, dirt. As you can imagine, with Thunder Beach on the way the area will not do well with bikes and if it rains the mud could complicate the whole event. Because the Fall Bike Rally typically isn’t as large as the Spring Rally, what’s likely to happen is the city can get away with roping off the area for the short weekend. But, the muddy problem becomes everyone’s problem when the Seafood Wine and Music Festival, Panama City Beach’s most prized event, comes to town. There simply is not enough time for grass to grow over the area before the event hits PCB. If the area isn’t sodded, like yesterday, well, you can just imagine how mud splashing over wingtips and heels could infuriate those wine drinkers and music lovers sending them home with all sorts of bad impressions of PCB.

As Panama City Beach aims to change it’s image as a backwoods, party, dirty town, a muddy field for a wine festival will definitely set everyone back. If you’ve yet to see the field, here are a few images.





Frank Brown Smoking Ban a Message to Thunder Beach?

This September the Thunder Beach Rally will again vibrate the streets of Panama City Beach to mixed emotions. While many love the three-day event and tour from venue to venue on bikes others loathe the event and consider it, at the least, an unnecessary scourge on Panama City Beach’s reputation. No board on Panama City Beach has had an opinion on the matter allowing the event to proceed. But recent considerations on a potential ban could be speaking, albeit very quietly, its position.

Take yourself back a few months to the Spring Bike Rally on Panama City Beach. There were a number of venues stretching from Ms. Newby’s to Pier Park. But it was Frank Brown Park who saw the majority of bikers. If you were to visit the venue hours after the event was over, you probably would not have known anything of consequence had happened. There were a few bits of trash here and there and the occasional bandana; nothing particularly startling. But, if you were to take a closer look, there was residue that could not be missed. Everywhere, throughout the entire field at Frank Brown Park, there were thousands and thousands of cigarette butts.

To that point, Panama City Beach City Council is considering banning smoking from the park entirely. Now, it goes without saying that not every biker smokes and certainly others such as parents of softball and soccer players will be affected by the ban. Still, part of the draw for using Frank Brown Park as a venue for the leather-clad event is its open-air “field” mentality. Such restrictions would severely change that identity. The council plans to discuss the ban further early next month, just in time for the Fall Bike Rally.

Miracle League Field Christened by a Bunch of Winners

It was a perfect day for baseball as several Bay County youths were able to play ball at the new Miracle League Field in Frank Brown Park, Panama City Beach.

The organization is still putting plans together for the season, so if you know any youths in Bay County between the ages of 3 and 19 who may be interested in playing in the Miracle League, please visit their website . The Miracle League also needs “Buddies” who work with the players on the field to win the game!

Several local dignitaries were there, including Panama City Beach Mayor Gayle Oberst, state Rep. Marti Coley, R-Marianna,  and Bay County Commissioners.  Kudos to the leaders of Bay County who contributed to making this project come to life.

Thunder Beach – Tire Burnout Until it Blows, Nick Lee VIDEO

Dubbed “The Burnout King“, Nick Lee, blew through tires Saturday on his modified Harley Davidson Sportster at Frank Brown Park in Panama City Beach.  Going through 150 tires and 2 bikes each year, he travels the country putting on performances at anything from motorcycle rallies to car shows.  From Wisconsin, he pretty much travels 24/7 now but hasn’t forgotten his northern accent.

Talking with Nick, he said this is actually quite difficult.  Afterwards he was out of breath.  “The bike wants to grab, so you have to hold it in place.”